Making an amazing festive wreath from artificial flowers. With your hands you will make a bright and unusual decoration

Making an amazing festive wreath from artificial flowers. With your hands you will make a bright and unusual decoration

Fashion always comes back. Take at least laurel wreaths, which in ancient times were considered a symbol of luck and victory. Now such an accessory has entered our everyday life. Quite often you can meet on the streets of the city women with wreaths of cute flowers in their hair. They can be made on their own. The wedding wreaths made of pretty large flowers, like roses or peonies, reached their peak. This decoration adds originality to the image. As for the color palette - the choice is exclusively for the bride. You can choose a gentle color scheme, creating an aura of romance or playing in bright shades or contrasts, creating an extravagant and unique image. Now more fashionable women wear accessories with flowers and in everyday life. They are decorated with petals and buds, berries, a vine and everything, on what will have enough imagination. The simplest and most accessible way of making wreaths is a wreath on an elastic band or in the form of a hoop-rim. You can do it yourself. To do this you will need:

  • plastic bottle for the base;
  • elastic band 2-3 cm wide and about 20 cm long;
  • glue;
  • flowers.

Manufacturing process: From a plastic bottle we will make a basis: How to make a festive wreath of satin flowers with your own hands. A simple master class that helps to make a bright and unusual wreath yourself. Photo №1 Then wrap the base with a green satin fabric and zashim Now let's take the elastic, measure the necessary quantity of it and glue it to our base: Now it remains to attach flowers to the base. You can use artificial flowers or those that you will make yourself from satin ribbons. Brightly and richly looking wreath of different colors. We attach the flowers to the base with the help of glue: Here is a festive wreath with flowers from usit turned out! Flowers - this is the embodiment of femininity and natural beauty, so their current popularity as jewelry is quite natural. Many celebrities now create their own memorable images with the use of flower wreaths. At the same time experiments with hairdresses prove that this accessory equally fits to daring volumetric tails in the style of "ponyteyl", naive braids, romantic locks or simple low scops and tails. Despite the fact that the popularity of flower wreaths is predicted to last a long time, try not to be afraid of experiments and do not miss this trendy trend now. If you are not a supporter of extravagance and glossiness, pay attention to flowers of small size and restrained colors.