Marathon "Funny loops"

Marathon "Funny loops"

What is the marathon "Funny loops"! This is an interesting and exciting activity for needlewomen who crochet. Each of us, masters, learns new things and improves their skills. To hone crochet skills, we try new elements, new patterns, experimenting with yarn and tools. Sometimes we do it ourselves, and sometimes the support of like-minded people is important. And if this is all combine! Then our marathon will turn out, which will be an excellent support and an excellent opportunity to practice. Especially for those who like to move forward in knitting, as well as for avid experiment lovers, the teacher at, Gulnara Mingacheva, holds an interesting marathon called “Funny Loops”. Funny Loops During the marathon, each participant:

  • will be able to try new, very interesting (and others Gulnara does not choose) patterns;
  • having perfected the patterns with examples, you can experiment and do beautiful work with each pattern;
  • take part in the competition from our sponsors and win cool prizes?

How to participate:

  • everyone can join at any time;
  • participation is free;
  • Every week you will be offered a scheme and video lessons for it (as a last resort, a photo guide);
  • participants need to tie something small (be it just a small square, a small product, etc.), take a picture of it and lay it out;
  • Choose a convenient option All lessons will be available on Instagram and on the school website. Read the additional terms below for each of the resources.

For Instagram members:

  • go to the marathon account:
  • subscribe to @milye_veschi and @zabavnye_petelki, as well as to all partners of the marathon, which will be announced later;
  • we make repost records about the start of the marathon to our tape;
  • having received a lesson, we do work, take pictures and lay out in your account;
  • To the photo you need to add hashtags # funny buns and # funny buns_4_ (task number);
  • Also, each participant creates an individual hashtag for himself (so that his photos can be traced later) and adds it;
  • the photos should be noted @zabavnye_petelki or @milye_veschi
  • the marathon has partners who will choose winners and present gifts!

For participants on the school website:

  • posting a record about the Marathon: 1 option: below this text, we leave a comment through the VKontakte form “I participate in the Marathon on crocheting #Amusing Pebbles”, we publish a comment by clicking the “send” button, while leaving a tick to “share” (the message will appear on your wall); Option 2: copy the link to this page and publish on your page VKontakte with a comment: I participate in the Crochet Marathon Funny Petiles
  • subscribe to the school group: and include notifications about new entries (this way you will definitely not miss a new lesson);
  • You can subscribe to the marathon newsletter and receive a notification when the lesson comes to your email, the form is located below;
  • after receiving the lesson, we do the work, take pictures and lay it out in the commentary under the lesson on the site. Under each lesson, their work;
  • according to the results will be selected winners who will receive gifts!

Important information !!! It is advisable to perform the tasks in the week when they were posted, but this is not necessary. The main thing is that by the end of the stage you had all the patterns connected. Only then can you participate in the prize draw. !!! Let's be honest the idea of ​​the marathon is to work out the pattern. Do not send old work. They will not be accepted when summing up. Also not accepted work performed for other marathons. All must be on an equal footing. !!! Stage 5 of the marathon will take place from 01/29/16 to 02/26/16. If you missed the 4th stage, you can see how it was here: