Marigolds from beads master class creating a bouquet (video)

Marigolds from beads master class creating a bouquet (video)


Marigolds are small garden flowers, whichIt has a bright color of iridescent orange. Make this bead even a novice wizard. In order for this flower arrangement to look attractive, it is necessary to weave more flowers, because usually the marigolds are famous for their luxuriant flowering.

Marigolds from beads with their own hands

For weaving it is necessary to prepare:

  • Beads of orange color;
  • Yellow beads;
  • green beads;
  • Wire for beadwork 0.3 mm in diameter;
  • A wire for beadwork with a diameter of 0.6 millimeters;
  • A green thread or a flower ribbon.

In total for a bouquet of marigolds from beads we needMake five flowers. Each flower includes an inflorescence and two pairs of small and large leaves. The whole master class is built on the loop technique of weaving all elements of the flower.
We begin creating the marigold from the inflorescence, which consists of four levels of petals.
We do the first level. To do this, take a thin piece of wire thirty centimeters long and thread it thirty-five yellow beads and twist in the center of the wire segment five loops, consisting of seven beads, as in the photo:

The second level of the plait on a segment of thinThe wires are fifty centimeters long. To begin with, string on it beads in such a sequence: six beads of orange color and fourteen - yellow. This sequence of beads is repeated seven times. As a result, we see in the photo the resulting beaded low:

Now we need to form a loop fromBeads of orange color. The next yellow loop should fit closely over the first orange. In total, we make seven such loops along the center of the wire.

The third level is formed on a piece of wireNinety centimeters in length. We sew on it such sequence of beads: twenty beads - orange color and twenty - yellow. We repeat this order nine times. Next, we make three rows of loops, which should be placed close to each other. The first loop consists of six beads of orange color, the second of fourteen beads of the same color and the third of twenty yellow beads. Total, in the center of the wire segment we create nine similar petals - a loop.

We begin the weaving of the final - the fourthLevel. For this, we need to prepare wire segments of thirty centimeters in length. Next, string on each of them forty beads of orange color and thirty - yellow. Each of the loops is also formed one above the other. Twist the first loop, which consists of six beads of orange, the second - from fourteen loops of orange color, the third - from twenty beads of the same color. We close the petals with the last fourth eyelet, consisting of thirty yellow beads. In total, nine such loops are made on each piece of procrastination.

Let's proceed to assembling the petals together, twisting them in three pieces.

Then start to collect all the levels.
From the beginning, we twist the tips of the wires under the first level.

Next, we need to prepare a piece of thickWire length of thirty centimeters and bend it twice. Now, to the resulting rod, you must consistently attach each of all four levels, starting with the first, as in the photo:

After the inflorescence is made, it is necessary to make a cup and attach it to the base of a flower of marigolds from beads.
The calyx is formed on a thin wire segment of a low of thirty beads of green color. Such a blank should be wrapped around the stem, starting with the base of the inflorescence.

All we have to do is make leaves.
First, the thumbnail is a large leaf. To do this, we take a thin piece of wire seventy centimeters in length and string on it beads of green color. Now, you need to form a loop in the center of the wire, consisting of twenty-five beads, twisting the ends of the wires under the loop by four millimeters. The following loops form on either side of the central one. Thus, the second loop consists of twenty-four beads, the third - from twenty-two, the fourth - from twenty and the fifth - from eighteen.
For weaving a small leaf,String on a wire forty centimeters long beads of green and form the first central loop of fifteen beads. The following loops are also created on either side of the main loop. The second loop consists of fourteen beads, the third - from twelve, the fourth - ten and the fifth - from eight.

The resulting leaf blanks must be attached to the wire stalk and wrapped in threads or a green floral ribbon.

The master class is over. You still have the same way to weave another four flowers of marigolds from beads and put them in a vase.

Video: We learn how to weave marigolds from beads