Marine and winter shades: Turquoise color in the interior (38 photos)

Marine and winter shades: Turquoise color in the interior (38 photos)

When we choose this or that interior optionin the house, in addition to the main idea and style of direction, you definitely need to think about the color scheme that will surround us in everyday life. Our mood while staying at home may depend on the choice of color. Turquoise color in the interiorTurquoise color in the interior The strength of color influences a person enough, so now let's try to learn a little deeper about such a shade as turquoise. Content

About turquoise color

First of all, it is a symbol of harmony and purity. It contains a combination of two colors: green and blue. The first symbolizes peace, tranquility, harmony. The second, in turn, creates a feeling of cleanliness and lightness. Therefore, in tandem, these colors are very strong, and form one - turquoise. They say that the influence of turquoise has a good effect not only on the mood of a person, but also on his immunity and health. Color is diverse in its gamut and saturation. Tones start from light blue and end with deep green. Home decoration in turquoise colorHome decoration in turquoise color In the interior of apartments it is often used, andinteresting is the fact that depending on what color is combined, there will be one or another shade. This means that turquoise is something like a chameleon, and if combined with blue, it will change in the direction of blue. And, on the contrary, near green it will become greener itself. It goes well with brick, brown, bright pink, fiery red colors. Perfect for oriental style, especially in combination with yellow and purple flowers. All this composition will add a good white tint.

In combination with other colors

As already mentioned, there are different shadesturquoise color, so it can be combined with bright colors as well as neutral ones. This makes it possible to choose any combination of color palette, depending on the ideas and the ultimate goal. Saturated turquoise in the interior Suitable for thosepeople who are not afraid of bright and extraordinary decisions, lead an active lifestyle, and do not like to be bored. The main thing is not to forget that turquoise is a cool color, and if you make the whole room in a rich version, the main thing is not to freeze. In order to avoid this moment use additional accents that will dilute the atmosphere in the room. Intense turquoise color in the interiorIntense turquoise color in the interior Intense turquoise color is best combined withneutral shades. This will make it possible to emphasize the entire depth and spectrum, on the other hand, it will slightly dilute the overall picture. Turquoise and beige in the interior In combination with beige and pastel colors, the turquoise color will additionally be saturated with airiness and serenity. This option is perfect for quite dreamy people who have a calm character. In the interior it can be used in such a way that turquoise will focus, for example, on one wall, on some things or accessories. Everything else will be in pastel colors. The most important point is to correctly combine these two colors in the design of the room so that none of them is lost, but rather complements the other. Turquoise and wood in the interiors. Very interesting.combination, because turquoise represents an association with nature, its freshness or sea breeze, and the tree is part of nature. Therefore, using wood as a color or material, we can create a unique interior in our home. The combination of turquoise and wood colorThe combination of turquoise and wood colors Such colorsthey have sincerity and intimate conversations, because they are often used to decorate a kitchen or living room. Using them, you can visually expand the room, everything will depend solely on the filing of the design itself. In addition, the tree will soften the cold turquoise, and the atmosphere will become much warmer. Blurred turquoise If we take statistics, saturated turquoise is relatively often used by the main color in the interior. This is mainly due to the fact that everyone is accustomed to seeing and presenting it exclusively in a saturated shade. It’s a little unfair, because besides this there are still many tones of turquoise color, including blurry ones. Very often, it is the blurry version that is used in the western interiors of the house, because it is not so bright and cold, but in turn brings calm and peace of mind. Blurred turquoise hueBlurred turquoise hue. Great fordesign of workrooms, children's bedroom or living room. It goes well with accents of orange, red, green and blue. Does not put pressure on the psyche, but also does not cause drowsiness. Blurred turquoise is the golden mean that you can safely use to decorate any type of interior. Turquoise and green in the interior Sounds a little strange, because a combination of similar colors can simply lead to blurring the overall picture. But not in this case. This combination of colors is also explained by the fact that green often carries some shades of yellow, and turquoise - blue. Two secondary colors come out - yellow and blue, which are in perfect harmony with each other. Turquoise and greenTurquoise and green

Nuances and dangers of a turquoise hue in the house

There are two traps that are worth going around.when choosing this color. The first one is the amount of shade in the room. Since it is quite bright and saturated, it should be used in moderation so that there is no glut that will drive you crazy. The second nuance is the "cold" color. It is important to combine it so that the room does not seem to be a “snow kingdom”, especially when the secondary color is white. So if you are ready to weigh the pros and cons by including additional rules for using color in your ideas, go for it!

Use in the interior

When did you decide that you can live witha turquoise color, and feel positive emotions at the same time, we will proceed to the most interesting question: “How and where can I use a turquoise shade in the interior?” A kitchen in turquoise tones A correctly selected shade will carry vivacity and at the same time coziness. These are excellent qualities, especially when you are in the kitchen. In principle, here you can not try to achieve just calm, because the room is far from being able to sleep in it. Therefore, if you want to apply color in a visible and public part of the house - the kitchen will be the best option in this situation. Turquoise color in the kitchenTurquoise color in the kitchen. Bedroom with a turquoise color.Here it is no longer worth choosing a flashy and rich shade, but rather a delicate and blurry one. This bedroom is that part of the apartment, which should calm and inspire a good healthy sleep. Turquoise color in the bedroomThe turquoise color in the bedroom. Secondary colors are well suited:

  • White.
  • You can combine warm turquoise with beige shades.
  • As an option, create color accents using objects (table lamp, rug, pillows, etc.) using yellow, orange and purple colors.

Children's and turquoise color. Exclusively only.the turquoise hue is not suitable for the design of a children's room, because it can cause color “starvation” in a child. Therefore, it must be diluted with bright colors and details in the interior. Turquoise color in the nurseryTurquoise color in the children's bathroom and toiletturquoise shades It would not sound funny, but this is exactly the place where you can experiment with "wild" colors and crazy ideas. If you are tired of the classic design of bathrooms with white, blue and beige palette colors, refer to the blue-green shades. Turquoise bathroomTurquoise bathroom To summarize, we can saythat the turquoise color in the interior is quite multifaceted, because it includes a combination of green and blue colors. This is on a certain border with which one can fantasize in one direction or another. More ideas to use. Color refers to cold shades, it can be bright or blurry, but this will be the whole charm. Depending on the combination of other shades, you can achieve unrealistic results that all your friends will envy. Perfectly in harmony with bright colorswhich can be additionally used in the interior (red, yellow, orange, purple). To be in harmony with pastel tones, which together convey peace and tranquility. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!