Batman's mask with his own hands: from paper, fabric, volumetric / Toys with his hands, patterns, video, MK

Batman's mask with his own hands: from paper, fabric, volumetric / Toys with his hands, patterns, video, MK

What boy does not dream of being a Batman? After all, this superhero is the ideal of masculinity, fearlessness and power. Heroes of comic books do not leave anyone indifferent, especially boys. Batman's baby mask is one of the most popular among boys, so why not please your favorite child and create yourself such a masterpiece right at home. There are many ways to create a Batman mask with your own hands. It can be made from paper or fabric, using a single sheet or to make a three-dimensional design. All these methods differ in the necessary materials and complexity, nevertheless each of them can be used in the process of creating a product together with your child. He will be very interested in creating a carnival mask with you. Such New Year's masks can not go unnoticed. They will attract attention, and your child will know that he has the most beautiful mask.

Paper variant

It's faster and easier to make a Batman mask out of paper. This is a standard version, which will require a conventional cardboard or felt. To create it you need:

  • Measure the face of the child to determine which head is half-swallowed. This measurement will be needed to create a suitable for your child's option.
  • Next, you need to make sketches on paper, for this you can use the existing stencil.
  • Be sure to draw the ears from above.
  • Mark holes for the eyes in the form of ovals.
  • Transfer the resulting contour to the cardboard, felt. Use any shades, not necessarily black.
  • Make holes to attach the elastic band.
  • It is very easy to make variants of paper and felt. In such masks, any child will feel like a real superhero.

    Surface Mask

    The production of flat blanks is not the onlymethod. The volume mask, for example, is more complicated, but it also looks more effective. The step-by-step plan presented below will help create a real masterpiece. Have to take:

    • stencils;
    • cardboard;
    • paper, preferably glossy;
    • pencil;
    • scissors;
    • insulating tape;
    • hot pistol with glue;
    • falsbane.

    It may take a lot of effort and time for such a product. But Batman's mask pattern will help in the process.

  • First, you need to cut all the details from the cardboard.
  • Take the stencil A and bend it over the dotted line.
  • To the lower part you need to glue the stencil B.
  • With the help of the D stencil, you need to make a Batman's nose.
  • The eyes on the stencils A and B are located symmetrically on the main "pipe". They are attached directly above the mouth opening. You can use insulating tape or hot glue.
  • Both the details C are attached over the eyes - this is the eyebrows.
  • Between the eyes the nose is attached and cut out based on the hole along its contour.
  • Need cuts from the eyebrows up. Should be a sloping forehead. Across the circumference of the head cuts are made.
  • For a sloping forehead, cuts above the eyebrows are also necessary.
  • Then you need to attach a black strip to the forehead with an electrical tape.
  • Stencils E need to be inserted into a curved incision, as shown in the figure. Then you need to align the ears and attach it with adhesive tape.
  • Next, along the entire circumference of the head, glue the incisions with adhesive tape to make a neat room.
  • Use 2 stencils F. These parts must be pasted from behind to add volume.
  • Stencils G are glued to the front of the ear. Black paper will help close the gaps.
  • Two triangles help to add volume. They fold in the center and are glued to both sides.
  • The final version can be wrapped with black tape.
  • First, completely cover the eyes and nose, then the holes can simply be cut.
  • On the finished face, you need to glue your nose with a drop of hot glue.
  • Do not forget to leave the mock-up.Be sure that such a handwritten creation will necessarily make a furor on a children's holiday. This is quite an affordable way to make a Batman mask out of cardboard. It's not the easiest, but the result is stunning.

    Fabric "Batman"

    You can sew a mask from fabric. In this case, absolutely not necessarily the ability to sew on a typewriter, you can do it with your hands, needle and thread. On the question of how to sew such beauty, there is an answer: it's done quite simply - you need a pattern, chalk, scissors. Details are cut from the fabric, parts of the top are sewn together. The ears are attached to the main elements on the wrong side, the second part is attached. Get a kind of helmet. We cut out the holes for the eyes with scissors. Sections of the eyes can be stitched on the typewriter. If desired, you can realize different ideas. For example, make a mask from papier mache, beautifully decorate it or come up with another interesting way to create an image of a superhero. But the best idea is to do this with your child, so that he directly participates in the creation of his costume. The above methods will create a truly creative costume for your beloved child. After all, everything done with love, always looks great. See similar master classes: