Mask of a frog on his head with his own hands, templates, video / Toys with his hands, patterns, video, MK

Mask of a frog on his head with his own hands, templates, video / Toys with his hands, patterns, video, MK

The most diverse animals can be found on theNew Year's carnival. This is bears, and hares, and foxes, and wolves, and even frogs. Many children are impressed by this amphibian, mentioned in many fairy tales. Therefore, often the kids try on this particular image. For the strength of the structure, you can not usesimple paper, and make a mask of cardboard. Fortunately, the Internet presents a lot of options for such products. And it's not only the frog, but also the frog princess. So, the mask of a frog made of paper is made simply, and looks great. But you can get stuck with other, more interesting ways.

Variant of foam rubber

The models made of foam rubber are fun, creative and unusual enough. This will require:

  • Foam is green. You can take a white one, but you will need to spend a lot of time to paint it in the right green tint.
  • Scissors.
  • Needle and thread of suitable shade.
  • Foam black and white.
  • A mask of a frog made of foam rubber is created easily. You need to take foam rubber and sew a "helmet" to the size of the baby's head. And along the length it should be behind to the neck, in front - to the nose. foam maskAfter the "helmet" is sewn, make a cut inarea of ​​the mouth. After all, as is known, the frog has a large enough mouth, this incision will resemble the open mouth of a frog. The cut off part should be cut right up to the chin of the child, so that the entire face can fit into the resulting hole. masked boy frogNow it's a small thing - the design of the product. With the help of black and white foam rubber it is necessary to make the eyes of a frog. To do this, cut out a circle of foam rubber white and tighten it with threads along the edges, giving the desired volume. The top is sewed with black circles. So one eye is obtained, in the same way the second eye is made. After the eye is sewn to the main structure so that they are on the child's forehead. Such a model looks extremely unusual and funny, a New Year suit of this kind will certainly not go unnoticed.

    Model from a plate

    The simpler the method of creating a mask, the better. So why not take advantage of the things that are at hand in every home. Such a thing is a paper plate. One should immediately cut off the question: is it possible to use a plastic plate? From a plastic plate, unfortunately, it will not turn out such a mask, as it is necessary, besides, it succumbs to any kind of manipulation. plastic plateIt is advisable to take a green plate. If you do not have one, do not be scared, take an ordinary white plate and decorate it in green with the help of paints. Take the plate and cut out the mug of the cuckoo from it as shown in the picture. Particularly prominent is to make her eyes and cheeks. cut out from a plateThen we proceed to decorating. You can decorate the product with the help of markers, or cut out the eyes from colored paper and glue it to the base. An excellent option - to decorate the mask with butterflies. They can be cut out of paper and glued directly to the base: looks fun, springy and interesting. a boy in a frog maskSo you can do masks of frogs without sacrificingfinance and time. Simplicity of ways allows to include in the creative process of the kid. Usually children like this pastime, and after they are proud of their creation and feel themselves in a mask comfortable and confident, because it is created by their hands.