Penguin mask with your hands from paper, video / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

Penguin mask with your hands from paper, video / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

Mask of the penguin will be a wonderful additionany children's holiday. This bird evokes tenderness, clumsiness amuses her, which is why the child in such an image will certainly draw attention. There are several ways, each of them is distinguished by its complexity and the materials used. It is possible to create masks from paper, felt, cardboard, fabric, etc. For a new year or any other holiday, such a mask for both the boy and the girl will be a wonderful addition to the image. Mask of the penguin

Paper as a basis

Paper products are an excellent option. The advantage of this method is that they can be done with children. If the variants from the fabric to be sewn can hardly be entrusted to the child, then it is possible to make the process of creating a man-made miracle together. Goods for Creativity You will need

  • a sheet of white paper;
  • colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • line;
  • pencil simple;
  • watercolor paints (markers). You will need mainly black color.

Master Class

  • On the sheet you need to draw a rectangle measuring 31 by 54 centimeters.
  • Then draw lines of 2 centimeters.
  • Cut the sheet into strips, leaving 3 centimeters at the edge.
  • Leave the strips through one, the rest - cut off.
  • Fold the rectangle in a circle with edges to each other.
  • Using a stapler or glue, fasten the edges.
  • Leave the product for a while so that it withers well and does not rupture on the head at the right time.
  • Bend the strips down.
  • On one strip it is necessary to attach a rim to the back side. It is better to use glue for this.
  • It is necessary to glue the strips as shown in the figure to make a cap.
  • When all the strips are glued, it is advisable to leave the cap for a while to dry.
  • When the hat has dried, it is necessary to paint it. You can use for this as a watercolor paint, and a simple marker. The hat should turn black.
  • You can cut the mask yourself. First white edging, then glue the eyes on top, beak.
  • You can simplify your task by typing the face of the penguin from the Internet.
  • It is better to use medium density paper for such a cap. With cardboard it will be difficult to work, and ordinary paper is difficult to paint.

    other methods

    Another simple way is to create a product frompaper with an elastic band. It is created as a bezel, tightly resting on the forehead, so for the child it will not be terrible to lose your mask. Own creation can be worn both on the eyes and on the forehead. For this, from the cardboard you need to cut out the mask. Then gently inside cut out the eye holes. With the help of glue to attach a rubber band from behind, and the nose of the penguin is made of orange colored paper. This pattern is simple and done very quickly. Another hat with the image of the penguin is created from the fabric. For those who do not know how to sew it, do not be frightened, this is an extremely simple way. You need a normal black hat, if it is not, then it's very easy to sew it. The penguin eyes of colored cardboard and the beak are attached to this cap using superglue. It's fun, unusual and simple. You do not even need a pattern for this method, but the carnival mask of your child will be the most beautiful. Many children want to be a penguin from Madagascar on holiday. Implement your child's dream in such simple ways. Now the question of how to make a penguin mask for your child will not put anyone in a dead end.