Mask Spider-Man with his own hands: from cloth, from paper / Toys with his own hands, patterns, video, MK

Mask Spider-Man with his own hands: from cloth, from paper / Toys with his own hands, patterns, video, MK

Almost any boy wants to feelhero of the cartoon, which always comes quickly to the aid of unjustly offended. Therefore, the guys often present themselves in the image of Spider-Man, Batman and other similar characters. Spiderman is a positive character, a fighter with evil. The whole image of this character can be easily made by yourself.

Felt product

The mask of the red Spider-Man is done quite easily and quickly. To produce it, you need the following basic materials:

  • red felt;
  • black thread;
  • linen or band.

A step-by-step instruction on how to make a Spiderman mask:

  • The template should be printed on a printer on an A4 sheet or painted by yourself.
  • MK mask hero stage 1

  • From the template, the mask is transferred to the felt in 2copies - for the back and front side. Preliminarily, the template is better attached to the child's face and see if it fits him in size. If necessary, the pattern can be increased or decreased.
  • We make a web on a typewriter or with a hand-stitched black thread. In order to leave even seams, they can be preliminarily marked with a marker on a felt basis.
  • MK Mask Hero Stage 2

  • Next, you need to connect the front and back sides and sew the mask along the contour, without forgetting to insert the elastic band or ribbon on the sides first.
  • The Spider-Man of the comic book is finished with his own hands. The image can be supplemented with a hero's costume if desired.
  • MK Mask Hero Stage 3

    Paper product

    In the event that there is no desire to sew the product fromcloth, you can use a paper template. The mask of the new Spider-Man from Confrontation is very simple. For its manufacture, it is necessary to print the proposed template on a color printer and paste it for strength on a cardboard base. On the sides on the basis of cardboard should be done 2 holes and pass through them an elastic band for attaching the mask of the Spider-Man on his head. Probably almost every child will want to invest andyour strength in the manufacture of the product. The Spider-Man mask of ordinary paper can be made with the child. To do this, print a black and white template and paste on a cardboard substrate. After that, you can offer the child to paint the product himself. Template for printing a mask

    A papier-mache product

    Those parents who have the opportunity and desire to tackle the papier mache can make together with the child in this technique an element of the superhero costume. For the manufacture, you will need:

    • newspapers;
    • white writing paper;
    • plasticine or plastic frame;
    • PVA glue;
    • gouache;
    • lacquer;
    • elastic.

    The algorithm showing how to make a mask of the new Spider-Man on its own is as follows:

  • The basis for the product can be molded from plasticine or a finished plastic frame.
  • Newspapers break into small pieces. The first layer on the frame should be laid out from wet scraps of newspaper.
  • MK masks from newspapers stage 1

  • After that, the whole surface of the base should be greased with PVA glue, diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 1. Apply a second layer of newspaper on top, then apply the glue again with the entire surface.
  • MK masks from newspapers stage 2

  • Similarly make 2-3 more layers of newspapers.
  • As the top layer to paste fragments of white writing paper.
  • Leave to dry. Then remove the plasticine or plastic base from it.
  • Then you need to make slits for the eyes. The hero himself in the films and cartoons in his suit, apparently, did not need to breathe. However, in a mask of papier mache, it is still better to make slits for the nose. After that, trim uneven edges.
  • The spider's attire is almost ready! It remains to paint the product together with the child. Then cover it with lacquer so that the gouache does not make your hands dirty.
  • The finishing touch: make slits and insert through them an elastic band to put on the head this detail of the hero's costume.
  • MK masks from newspapers stage 3Such a product perfectly suits as a carnival costume for the New Year's holiday.

    Examples of products

    Craftsmen can crochet or sew a Spider-Man's cap. The diagram is attached. See similar master classes: