Massage mat: made of concrete, cork and peel - with your own hands

Massage mat: made of concrete, cork and peel - with your own hands

Sometimes there is an idea to combine friends andordinary things that seem incompatible with each other, into something new and completely unusual, like this concrete mat. It can be used as:

  • to enter the house and put at the front door - it perfectly retains dirt and dust.
  • But you can like a foot massage mat,
  • If you make a small of 3-7 rings, you can use it as a stand for hot

This mat is made of several wovenbetween a concrete modules. To work you need simple tools and materials. You can beat your mat with ropes of a different color, making it multicolored, or use a different shape. The content of the article:

Materials and tools:

  • Instant concrete mix or ready-to-use concrete and concrete mixing containers. I used half 10 killag frame bag
  • special spatula for mixing.
  • Two packs of rope. I used special yellow ropes, which are especially durable and resistant to abrasion, as well as the aggressive effects of the external environment. Feel free to use other types of ropes!
  • Magazine paper, glue and glue gun for gluing forms.

ATTENTION: work only in a respirator and rubber gloves! Concrete mix and dust, getting on skin, cause irritation and difficulty in breathing.

Rug manufacturing technology

Step 1: Creating Forms

  • Cut off narrow paper strips. As a base, use a regular 1.5 liter plastic bottle. From the thicker paper that is used for magazine covers, I made small rings that fit the diameter of the rope.
  • Our rug will require 27 modules.
  • Cover sheets of paper flat durablesurface, for example, plywood. Arrange the rings of a larger diameter, as shown in the photo, and fix the smaller ones in the center of the first ring. Use glue gun for firm hold.
  • Step 2: Mixing and pouring concrete into molds

    • Following the instructions on the package, mix a small batch of concrete using a trowel. Concrete must have the consistency of batter for the cake.
    • The resulting mixture hardens quickly, so use small volumes for work. The hardened mixture does not need to be diluted with water, it is no longer reusable.
    • Carefully fill to the brim with paper rings. The inner ring is left empty.
    • This process is identical to the process of making the frame!

    Step 3: Hardening of concrete Concrete must be kept in shape for 5 days. Spray them daily with water and cover with plastic wrap to maintain moisture. This is a very important process, ensuring good curing of concrete. In the future, it will be durable and not cracked. After 2-3 days, the workpiece can be removed from the mold and left until fully cured. After the billet finally becomes solid, weaving can begin! You can fasten the rug with any weaving and thread - I used the usual 6-thread weaving

    What else can you do a massage mat

    From plastic bottle stoppers Plastic bottles are simply indispensable things. Of these, you can make not only a rug but also,. The method of making such a rug is simple:

  • we lay out the desired pattern on the surface,
  • we make an awl a hole on the four sides of each plug,
  • and string on a string with the beginning of the vertical stripes and then horizontal.
  • The mounting scheme is shown below. From wine corks Assembly instructions massage mat as follows:

    • It is necessary to cut off with a sharp knife 1/3 or 1/2 of the crust. This is done to ensure that the plugs fit well on the base.
    • We take a thick cloth or do not need the old rug and cut it to the desired shape. The easiest way to do it is rectangular or with straight edges.
    • With the help of a cool pistol we stack and glue the crusts to the base.

    From pebbles From pebbles installation process exactlythe same as from the peel. But there is one caveat - you need to choose the same height of stones, which is sometimes not easy to do. Then such a carpet really will last a long time. If the differences in thickness are large enough, for example, up to 1 centimeter. Then you will constantly cling to them. And in the end such a rug will fall apart.