Massive necklace-collar of felt with large crystals - we make this stylish accessory with our own hands

Massive necklace-collar of felt with large crystals - we make this stylish accessory with our own hands

The popularity of removable collars and large necklaces is now just off scale! Why not? After all, these things are perfectly combined with different clothes. Massive necklace of felt with large crystals - how to make this stylish accessory with your own hands. Photo №1 It is very convenient to wear a removable collar today withtopom, and tomorrow - with a dress, for example. Unfortunately, the prices for such accessories are often too high, in view of their relevance. Well, do not waste money! Let's try to make by our own hands a cross between a collar and a necklace - an ornament around the neck of felt with large crystals and chains. Materials:

  • Felt fabric and satin or cotton - two small scraps.
  • Tape.
  • Large rhinestones or half-beads.
  • Chains.
  • Adhesive for fabric.


  • Cut two identical symmetrical shreds for the base - from felt and satin. Spread glue is the biggest strasik.
  • Glue the central stone exactly in the middle of the product. It will serve as a guide for the entire composition.
  • We glue the stones below the central one.
  • We take the chain.
  • We glue it to the right of the middle along the upper edge of the base.
  • Under the chain we glue the same second one.
  • 7. Paste the space on the right with rhinestones. 8. Finish the left side of the necklace in the same way. 9. We turn the product over and glue one of the edges with glue. 10. Glue a piece of tape. 11. The same piece of tape is glued on the other side. 12. Finally, apply a thin layer of glue on the entire back surface of the product and glue the satin flap to hide all the glue traces of our painstaking work and fix the tape. Advice! If the free edges of the tape could not be melted with a candle (as happens when the material is natural - it does not melt, but burns), gently anoint them with a transparent nail polish along the very edge. This will prevent the tape from becoming loose. So our wonderful necklace with big rhinestones is ready. Wait until the glue dries well before putting on a new thing!