We make a fabric bag with our own hands

We make a fabric bag with our own hands

Many girls prefer exclusive things,which does not recur from friends or acquaintances, so they create accessories themselves. A beautiful bag in the style of a boho can be sewn from the remains of linen fabric with the addition of a cotton interior. The charming bag is decorated with various elements: cloth flowers, buttons, lace in beige color or other details that you like. The advantages of a homemade bag are quite a lot: first, you create it in your favorite colors; secondly, the size of the pattern can be slightly changed for convenience under its parameters; thirdly, the number and direction of decorating elements are selected depending on your imagination and will certainly be unique and unique, because even one master can not create an exact copy of their work if the thing was made with a creative approach. . Photo №1

To create a bag you will need:

  • The cloth. For the front side, linen fabric is used with a characteristic color, it will require a flap 40 cm in height and 80 cm in length. Plus two long strips for creating handles, they are about one meter in length and 10 cm in width (folded in half, and the handle width is 5 cm).
  • Cloth fabric for interiorproducts. It spends a cut of 80 cm to 40 cm. The color of the fabric is preferably contrasting with a bright accent, for example, gray with turquoise circles. An internal pocket measuring 13 by 10 cm is formed from this tissue, so prepare another flap of the appropriate size. The handles of the bag are decorated with braids of this cotton fabric, one centimeter-long cloth is used for one strap, the length of which is about one meter.
  • Threads of suitable color.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Pattern of a bag, it can be created on paper (newspaper, piece of unused wallpaper, etc.).
  • The lock for a pocket in the form of a lightning 15 sm.
  • Latch for the bag.
  • Buttons for decoration in beige-brown color.
  • Beige knitted lace (it is necessary that it is dense and later easily washed, remember that the thin stretch lace quickly dissolves).
  • In the first step, select the fabric with your owntaste, other things from the wardrobe. In the style of the Boho, one-tone natural fabrics are preferably used: jersey, linen, etc., so the choice fell on the light linen fabric. The interior finish of the work will be chintz with the image of circles (peas). In the second stage, start creating a pattern. To do this, prepare a larger sheet of paper or tracing paper and draw two perpendicular lines to denote the center of the template. Further, from this center vertically retreat to 20cm and mark the border of the top and bottom of the product. At these points we draw horizontal lines parallel to the central axis. On horizontal lines, you need to note the width of the workpiece, retreating an equal distance of 15cm. above and a little more distance - 20 cm on the bottom. Different distances will provide a form of a barely expressed trapezium, widening downwards. This form will be for the product, that is, the bag is slightly narrower upward, and the lower part is more spacious. Connect the bottom and top points along the horizontal lines, but note that the boundary from below should have a smooth corner of the rounding, and not a straight cut. . Photo # 2 The cut out template is cut and attached to thelinen fabric. In order to minimize residues, it is recommended that the pattern be immediately turned over and the second part is added to the right side, which later will be the other side of the bag. Similar actions are required to be carried out with cotton fabric, it will also require two basic parts with similar dimensions. . Picture №3 It will take a strip 6-7 cm wide, whichwill be sewed into the lower part of the product and will provide the volume and capacity of a handbag. Form a pocket of any suitable size from the fabric in polka dots. This bag has a secret pocket about 13 by 9 cm. It is necessary for storing valuable things: plastic cards, cash, maybe you'll hide a note or bills, checks, etc. there. The pocket is pocketed as simply as 0 in the form of a rectangle of the appropriate size. . Photo №4 At the last step of the cut, you need to create the parts forhandles bags. This product is worn over the shoulder, so the handles have a sufficient length of about a meter, but you can adjust them to your height and under your parameters (because all girls are comfortable to carry bags in their own way). . Photo №5 For the decor of handles used braids of calicotissue. Take the strips one centimeter wide, squeeze three pieces together (for example, they can be held with a clothespin or a pin) and weave a simple braid, alternating between the right and the left border inwards. . Photo №6 In the next step, start stitching alldetails. The seams should be neat, do not pull the fabric and do not rush. After all, it is the tailoring of parts that will provide the required kind of quality product. First, sew a pocket on three sides, that is, the bottom and sides. Then, on a single piece of calico cloth, make a slot in the upper part of the center that corresponds to the pocket. In the next step, sew a zipper that connects the pocket slits. Next, stitch the bottom of the bag with the side details of linen fabric (the seam goes inside). Then proceed to assemble all the details of the inside of the bag, which are formed by a turquoise cloth in polka dots. The next step is to create pens. You put them out of linen in two layers, and from above carefully gently fix the braid of calico, which you need to have exactly in the center. Sew the handles to the wrong side of the linen parts (you can grab a mark), then sew the top parts of the case and bag so that the ends of the handles are inside. With the help of this seam, all parts are fixed in a common product. At the last stage, sew a small lock in the form of a button that will help to carry the bag in a closed state and will be almost invisible. The seams of the castle should be even, and when choosing a lightning you are guided by a thin, secret. . Photo №7 Now proceed to decorate the front of the bag. To begin with, we need flowers made of cloth. They are created as simply as possible: cut a circle of cotton fabric, place a sintepon or cotton wool inside, and wind with black threads in several directions to make an imitation of petals. The middle of this flower is decorated with a button. . Photo №8 Distribute a few flowers on the bag,Observe the asymmetry so that the composition's drawing turns out to be abstract and unique. The number of flowers should not be huge, otherwise they will merge into a gray mass and the emphasis on each decorating detail will be lost. The middle of the bag is decorated with a scattering of buttons. First, arrange these elements so that there is no condensation and large gaps, and then sew each part to the linen fabric without grabbing the inside of the cover. Add the lace to the assembly, grasp the upper part with threads and then gently pry this element under the side of the chubby flower. . Photo Number 9 Add any decorations to your taste, but inBohho style does not use rhinestones, beads, so observe a more natural direction. Exclusive bag is ready. She will please you not one season and will cause easy envy of girlfriends. A bag in the style of a boho is combined with many variants of clothes, it fits under the summer, autumn mood. Such an accessory is happily chosen by young girls and stylish women of any age. Wear it with pleasure! . Picture №10