Master class crown kanzashi of satin ribbons

Master class crown kanzashi of satin ribbons


In schools and kindergartens, have a long tradition,do matinees on New Year's holidays. And what holiday without beautiful princesses, who must necessarily be the crown on her head. You can buy this accessory in the store for not small money. The crown will be made of plastic and what some feathers with beads. This crown can not not like your little princess.
We offer view our master class (microns) inkanzashi technique, as well as video, which will be presented to a crown or tiara for the princess mini made of petals for a Christmas party. In this way, you can make and hats.

Christmas crown made of ribbons

In order to repeat this workshop, we need such accessories that you can buy in a specialty store, such as:

  • thin hair band;
  • ribbon of satin;
  • guipure tape;
  • matches or lighter;
  • sharp scissors;
  • material for decoration.

Our master class begins with wrappinghoop, two different bands, as it will become a part of our core technology in an interesting kanzashi. It is necessary to do so, so that the base material, wrapped in a staggered manner, with the same distance from each other, as shown in the photo.
Scissors, cut into squares need ribbons five centimeters wide, satin, about 5 * 5 and guipure, a width of 2 * 2 cm, as shown in the photograph.

We start tinkering
. Take a large square and fold it indiagonal corners and anchoring with a small fire. Similarly, such actions, anchoring and other square. Connect them with each other by moving the corners and turning petal. Corners cut off and cauterized matches. On the reverse side, remove a pair of scissors, a convex portion.

Small petals, do exactly the same. In this case, you will come in handy fine forceps. To get a crown or tiara, you need to create eleven large and seven small petals kanzashi.
Take 5 large petals and connect them with hot glue. Pencil, place a check mark in the middle of the rim, and anoint it with glue, gluing to the created piece.

We continue our Master Class (MC), adhering to the sides of the remaining large petals.

On a small otrez tape, you must stick toshaped flower, 7 small pieces. At the center of it, it is necessary to install a large bead or stone in the shape of a heart. The color of the stone, it is advisable to choose the color of the elegant dress. Attach the flower, in the central part of our large-scale plants, as shown in the photo.

Diadem in kanzashi technique, almost finished,It remains only to decorate it. In this case, you will come in handy in the use of any material, such as flat beads and beads with stamens, as in our case. It should take 3 stamens and attach to our accessory that they did not stick out too much. Fasten them together in a small bouquet, making these two pieces. Glue them to the petals. After the glue has dried, begin to attach beads. It is desirable to locate them in areas where there is joint leaves. Put the crown to the side and wait until it dries.

This master class is ready, you can try it for the holiday along princess. In this way, and make hats for girls.
In some cases, the reverse side of the hoop,may not like it, then tape it a strip of cardboard or tape of the same color. Detailed material, you can view a video located on our website.
Your mini lady will be very pleased with such beauty in the art kanzashi you made with your own hands, and will be the most beautiful on the holiday.

The crown for true princess

Another way to create a mini crown for girls. Let's try to repeat such a master class in the art kanzashi. To do this, we need this hardware:

  • white ribbon of satin;
  • wide brocade ribbon and narrow silver;
  • hoop;
  • gun with glue;
  • Use decorative material, which you have in stock, silver, to decorate the crown.

Wrap the bezel, silver brocade ribbon, narrow width and edge glue glue.
Now, create a basic part of our decorations. Doing this we will foam. Will cut cylinders, six centimeters in volume. This is a very light material, which is easy enough to glue all of the component parts. Stuck on a white foam felted cloth, but you can also use a satin cloth. Below is fastened brocade ribbon.

Making the petals of white and silver fabric. How to do it, we have described in the preceding master-class in the text above, so will not be repeated. The number of petals, do not limited to, whichever way you want to do. Approximately 35 pieces, maybe more.
Take 20 white stuff and attach them to the sides of our cylinder, as shown in the photo.

Below the petals sticking silver beads.

Now make the teeth, with the help of the remaining lobes, specifically, can be seen in the photo.

Take floristic tube and cut it into small lengths of cloth. Glue them as shown in the photo.

We go to the decoration of our crown kanzashi. Sticking to the teeth, some silver snowflakes. On the inside, pour glitter on top of the transparent adhesive layer. Now, our crown of satin ribbons kanzashi, fully finished and decorated. Also, you can see in the video, the methods of decoration tiaras, hats and crowns.

Good luck to you in this case is not complex. Let your princess will be the most beautiful, trying on tiaras, hats and crowns!

Elegant hat

To create a cap kanzashi, we need these materials:

  • Ribbon satin two colors;
  • cardboard scraps;
  • beads;
  • glue;
  • scissors and a hoop.

First of all, one must cut out a few pieces of cardboard, their size, can be viewed on the submitted photos.

On a rectangle of cardboard pasted segmentstapes, length 17 cm. each. Their iron and iron the glue to attach to the other side of our blanks. Do not pull the tape so that you can, then they collapse.

On the other hand, cuts of glue tapes, a length 9 cm. Then, staggered manner, the tape weave. Thereafter, the free ends sticking to the wrong side of the workpiece.

We begin to shape the field of our hat roundcardboard. A rectangle of glue in a cylinder. The circle is also wrapped with a tape and glue to the cylinder. Kanzashi make jewelry using beads, and casts to the cap. The rim is also wrapped with a working material suitable shade and stick to it an elegant hat.

That's all hat kanzashi on the rim, completely ready.

Video: Making the crown of the tapes