Master class kanzashi dahlia ribbons (photo)

Master class kanzashi dahlia ribbons (photo)


Skill in the art kanzashi, is becoming more popular, because with its help, you can make incredible crafts and flower decorations, which will be a great addition to your image.
Our Master Class (MC) will be devoted to the creation ofkanzashi beautiful dahlia, which we will do with their own hands for their daughters or donate this hack someone close. This master class (microns), the power of even novice needle women, since it is just repetition.

Kanzashi dahlia with their hands

In order to make such a dahlia of the tapes, we need a hardware, namely:

  • several shades of satin ribbons;
  • soldering;
  • glue;
  • line;
  • thick cardboard or plastic otrez for the main part;
  • tweezers.

Take a satin ribbon and a ruler on raschertiteThey, squares, five centimeters wide each. Using a soldering iron, they should be cut. As a result, three different bands, you must exit 120 stuff.

It is necessary to solder the corner of each square at an angle of 40 degrees, only the underside of the inner side, as in the photo.

Take one box and put it in front of you, bend the edge joint to joint, as shown in this photo, with a transparent adhesive for textiles.

That's what Petals we have received, after the work done.

Take a thick cardboard or plastic cover and cut out of it a circle with a diameter of about five centimeters.
Now, we begin to glue the petals of our circle. We will do dahlia bulk form, so the first layer is glued to the layering in the next half of the workpiece. But it is your choice and taste. In total, should have four rows of petals, and you can decorate the middle of a large beads or sequins. Our Dahlia kanzashi completely ready.

With the help of different colored ribbons, you can make anyDahlia kanzashi variations, as well as to select the desired size and volume. Master Class (MC), will help to create interesting colors, but you should still apply, and your imagination. And this will help you interesting video, located on our website.

Ready dahlias, you can sew on a gum or glue on the rim, and use them as ornaments on the hair for little princesses.

Miniature dahlias kanzashi

This master class (microns), is very simple to perform. Step by step photos to help you not get lost in the process of creating a flower.
To make it, let us define a suitable material for this purpose, we need:

  • satin ribbon and fabric;
  • glue for textiles;
  • beads;
  • soldering;
  • line;
  • sharp scissors;
  • simple pencil.

In order to make a small dahlia kanzashi, we need a satin ribbon, as in the photo. Use scissors to cut it into strips, the length of ten centimeters each.

Take a few strips, fold them eachthe other, a soldering iron and cut the edge of the tape, triangular shape. Take advantage of a simple metal ruler. Attach it to strip and remove unnecessary soldering, as shown in the photo.

These are the workpiece should turn out at the end of this work.

Take the strips and connect them with each other by adjusting the thickness of the petal.

We need the help line. It is necessary to make a soldering iron and remove unnecessary edge.

See what wonderful petals should get.

We begin to collect all the pieces together. From a piece of satin, cut out a circle of any diameter. The size depends on your preferences and desires.
Use a pencil raschertite it's such circles. After that, begin gluing dahlia petals. We are doing it with the edge, a smooth transition to the core in a checkerboard pattern.

Middle, can be decorated with small and ornatepearls of different shapes. Now our dahlia kanzashi ready, and a master class (microns), fully completed. If you have not learned the material, look at videos. With the help of this video, it is possible to do correctly miniature dahlias kanzashi.

Using your imagination and master class, as well asphoto and video instructions, you can create very unusual and beautiful dahlias, which then adorn any accessory and will look very original. If you want to, then do a whole bunch of dahlias, which will take its rightful place in the decoration of your interior.

Video: Making of dahlia tapes