Master-class: pillows from old sweaters

Master-class: pillows from old sweaters

This workshop is a great way to do it.the interior of the room is warmer, homely and cozy, especially in cold and cloudy weather. Decorative pillows from old sweaters and invite you to sit comfortably on the couch with a steaming cup of fragrant tea. pillows of old sweaters

What you need in order to make pillows from old sweaters

To make pillows from old sweaters, firstpick up from your wardrobe unnecessary sweaters, raglan, pullovers and sweaters. Wash and dry them. For a set, you can take two sweaters of approximately the same shade, but of different thickness and texture. From the tools, prepare scissors, thread and needle.

Master class how to make pillows of old sweaters

Turn them inside out. master class cushions made from old sweaters Place the pillow on the turned-out sweater close to its side. This way you will need to make one suture less. masterclass of pillows from old sweaters Draw a perimeter around the pillow with a margin of 2-3 cm. Cut off the excess, and sew the two sides of the received rectangle manually or on the typewriter. Gently grasp all the loops or tuck the edges so that the knitting is then not allowed to "shoot". Through the left unsweetened one side, turn the pillowcase face up. Put the pillowcase on the pillow. The side can be sewn on top, but you can sew a couple of buttons or Velcro to be able to take off and wash the crocheted pillowcase. masterclass of pillows from old sweaters Decorate pillows from old sweaters at will. As decor use buttons, wooden beads, applique and so on. In order not to lose the cut pieces of sweater, from the sleeves cuffs make buds and flowers. Like this: u cushions of old sweaters with their own hands u cushions of old sweaters with their own hands pillowcase with your hands from an old cushion sweater That's all! In such homemade pillow cases you can dress and here such pillows for children -, filled with wool, down or buckwheat husks . Get cozy, soft and original products! Do not limit yourself to pastel colors, in bright colors they look fun and life-affirming! pillowcases with your own hands from old sweaters of bright colors