Master class of quilling of a New Year's snowflake with own hands - a needlework lesson

Master class of quilling of a New Year's snowflake with own hands - a needlework lesson

Any New Year's holiday is another reasonto give joy and good to the people who surround us. And even in routine, monotonous days, we do not always have this opportunity, for holidays, no doubt, we will be able to allocate 2-3 hours in order to create the opportunity to realize our own qualities and try new opportunities. So, what techniques can help us in making a new craft?

Master class of quilling of a New Year's snowflake with own hands - a needlework lesson

Quilling is a great way torealization of a beautiful and unique decoration or gift. Snowflakes are one of the attributes of New Year's holidays and in fact, a little magic from nature. Each snowflake is unique in its own way and stands out among others. Quilling - also a unique technique that allows you to make every snowflake is not like the other. There are ways that will help us in this. In particular, you can use a special master class to help yourself decorate the house, or add another, final feature to our gift. New Year's snowflakes - new forms of quilling New Year's snowflake. Photo №1 To work on a new craftsA special set of materials and tools that will make our task extremely easy. Now we will review the list of these materials. In the event that something from the list does not exist, you can replace it with other materials. First, prepare the appropriate quilling paper.

  • We make five strips of paper for 15 centimeters
  • 12 strips of paper by 7.5 centimeters
  • 4 strips of paper for 5 centimeters

We will also need to prepare tools that will help finish the form of our future crafts. Their list looks like this:

  • Toothpick or special quilling tool
  • Adhesive for fastening materials

To begin with, it is necessary to establish a middle ground forfuture procurement. To do this, a strip is formed in length by 15 centimeters. It must be carefully twisted, but not too tight roll. To ensure that the element does not dissolve, it is necessary to fix the end with a drop of glue. New Year's snowflake. Photo # 2 Snowflake with your own hands The idea of ​​a snowflake isin a simple operation, the connection of ordinary quilling elements. Each element is a module of a future snowflake. The connection of these modules allows you to recreate the necessary shape to improve the appearance of the snowflake. Using different modules makes it possible to make extraordinary and unique snowflakes with your own hands. New Year's snowflake. Picture №3 We use four strips in length by 7.5centimeters, we form four drops. Further, we again make twisting from one variant of a strip of not too tight roll. Next, we produce a neat layout of one of the rounded holes of the ruler for work, or a tool for forming and making a vacation. After when the article is untwisted, we use one of the sides and clamp the product. It turns out a variant of the figure, which resembles a drop of water. Afterwards, it is necessary to glue the free end of the product to the strip. In order for the drops to get the same shape, you need to lay them to one hole. We use four strips for a length of 5 centimeters to make a variant of the figure in the form of an "eye" shape. We make each element as a droplet, but at the same time, the roll needs to be clamped to two opposite sides. Get a version of the figure, which in shape will seem like an eye. New Year's snowflake. Photo №4 Making the heart of snowflakes Next we have toread the new form for a snowflake in the form of a heart. This element will improve and complement the appearance of the snowflake, make it more unique and special. Now we form four strips for a length of 15 centimeters, then to form from them elements of hearts. For this action, it is necessary to fold the strips into two parts and then roll the rolls using the strips in the middle at the ends. In order for the heart to unwind - it must be glued to the middle part. For eight strips by a length of 7.5 centimeters it is necessary to form curls. Then, the strips must be screwed and for one side to the middle. Then, we glue both strips together so that the curls are outside. Get a certain form. New Year's snowflake. Photo №5 Thus, we will prepare a unique formQuilling snowflakes. Remember that it is easy to change and supplement with your own ideas. For more variety and beautiful design of the house, you should use a wide variety of variations of decor elements. Different snowflakes, with different colors and make up will create a special picture of magic in your house! New Year's snowflake. Photo №6