We master original flowers for curtains with our own hands made of fabric. Absolutely for free we create a perfect addition to any curtain

We master original flowers for curtains with our own hands made of fabric. Absolutely for free we create a perfect addition to any curtain

Very often we do not know what else is extrayou can decorate our curtains. It seems that all the elements are already in place, but on the other hand, something is definitely missing, some small stroke that would bring diversity and make your curtain more original and attractive. If you face such a difficult problem, then you will be fine with flowers for curtains. Such simple accessories will help you make the decoration for the window not only more unusual but also much more attractive. In addition, we can make original flowers for curtains with the help of our tips not only completely free of charge, but also very quickly and simply. In this article, we will offer you several options for making such entertaining crafts with your own hands and you can easily choose from them suitable for you. photo original colors for curtains. Photo №1

For the first flower you will need:

  • The fabric, its color, you can choose completely on your own, the main thing is that the flowers you made are in harmony with the curtain;
  • Transparent tape. Its width should be about 2-3 cm;
  • Needles;
  • Scissors;
  • Threads, always in the color of the selected fabric.

photo original colors for curtains. Photo # 2

  • The first step is to take the right corner of the tape and bend it at an angle of 45 degrees. The lower corner must be bent several times to the center. The resulting detail will be the core of our future flower.
  • Next, again bend the tape away from yourself. Thus, we have a new petal.
  • After that, firmly clamp the center and gentlyturn our workpiece to the left along the way repeating the step described above. We do such manipulations until our flower is sufficiently fluffy.
  • On the edge cut off the unnecessary tape and fold 2-3 times, then just sew it with a few stitches.
  • In the end, you should get thissimple rose. This product is great for beginners, learning how to make more complex versions. Such flowers can be made from ribbons of different widths and lengths all depends on your preferences.
  • photo original colors for curtains. Picture №3 If you are a more experienced master, then perhaps you are interested in the second option.

    To make it you will need:

    • Satin ribbon. Its width should be about 1-2cm.
    • Threads
    • Needle and beads
    • Lighter

    Now go directly to the manufacture.

  • The first step is to determine the desired size of the flower and, depending on them, cut the satin ribbon in stripes of 5-10 cm.
  • At an angle of 45 degrees, carefully cut the edges. In order that they do not dissolve we spend them several times over a cigarette lighter.
  • Then we collect 3-5 strips together and wrap them with a string. We leave the ends of the thread about 5 cm long. We repeat the same manipulations with all the other fragments.
  • After we collect all the blanks in one bundle, so that the ends of the threads can be tied together from the wrong side. In order for the flower to be more durable, it is better to sew it with a needle again.
  • On the front side we sew the bead.
  • photo original colors for curtains. Photo №4 Still one flower for the curtains is ready. You can make several such decorations of different sizes and arbitrarily place them on the whole area of ​​the curtains.

    For the next version you need:

    • Different pieces and remains of tissue. You can use the pieces that you left after working on the curtain;
    • Needle;
    • Pins;
    • Threads.

    Let's start creating.

  • First, cut out a circle from the paperof an arbitrary diameter (in the range from 7 to 10 cm). Fold it 4 times. The edges need to be shaped like a petal. This will be the pattern on which we will make the workpieces from the fabric.
  • When you cut the billets from the fabric, string them on a string like beads. After we have our petals so that the thread is in the center. The edges of the blanks are pinned.
  • We tie a string in the middle of the workpiece. The knot should turn out to be the center of the future flower.
  • We remove pins and arbitrarily stretch the petals.
  • Depending on what shape you define for the edges your flowers will look like either dahlias or carnations. Such decorations are perfect for decor curtains.
  • photo original colors for curtains. Photo №5 Also an excellent option will be flowers for curtains fromorganza. In order to make them as well as in the version above, cut the organza. All the blanks must be collected through the edges with stitches. Thus, you get sharp petals. They need to be tightened on the thread so that the middle can be seen as little as possible. Also, do several rows. In the center of the flower, sew a large bead and you will have a magnificent element resembling a lotus shape. Tip: if the flowers that you made with your own hands do not hold the shape, treat them with gelatin or starch. To make a solution with gelatin, take 3 of its spoons and pour 300 ml of cold water. The resulting substance should be left for about an hour to infuse, and then put on the heat constantly stirring. To make a solution with starch, take a large tablespoon of potato flour and dilute it also into 300 ml. cold water. The resulting solution is poured into 200 ml. boiling water and mix thoroughly. To avoid lumps, it is best to strain the substance again through gauze. Such solutions will help your flower to keep the shape perfectly and to please you for a long time. photo original colors for curtains. Photo №6 So, as you can see, createflowers for curtains can be very easy and simple, you do not need any excessive effort and fantastic skills, only your imagination and a little patience. You can make such beautiful decorations from almost any material that you have on hand, the only condition - the result should harmoniously blend with the curtain and perfectly fit into the overall design of the room. We hope that our simple tips and examples will help you make the process of creating original colors for curtains as simple and pleasant as possible and will stimulate your creative beginning to create new magnificent masterpieces, which you will necessarily share in the comments with other readers.