To master the sewing of a universal skirt - skirt-sun you can, using the material of this article

To master the sewing of a universal skirt - skirt-sun you can, using the material of this article

Sewing a universal skirt model - skirt-sun is notis a difficult task for a woman. If you have sewing skills and you like to sew, and also want to always look great, then such a skirt will be an excellent option. Sewing this piece of clothing with your own hands will not be difficult, especially since it takes quite a bit of time and effort. The ability to sew solves a lot of problems for any woman. The most important thing is to get rid of the global problem that arises every time you need to select an outfit, namely, the question of what to wear will stop. Having mastered the sewing skill, she can create with her own hands amazing elements of clothing, exclusive and unique, emphasizing all of her dignity. One of the most necessary things among women's clothes is the skirt. It's about sewing it that we'll talk today. We suggest you sew a universal skirt-sun model to you. In it you will not only be irresistible, which will always be in the center of attention of others, but also self-confident, since the model is very convenient. Almost any footwear and ornaments will suit her. Sewing a universal skirt model - skirts-the sun. Photo №1 Before you start sewing, remembersome subtleties. This model is suitable for absolutely all girls and women without exception with any type of figure. But in order to really not lose with the outfit, it is worth taking into account a few nuances. For the owner of voluminous forms, the level of the skirt of the skirt must be slightly lowered. Then the hips will visually appear already, than they really are. Also, ladies with such forms need to choose a fabric, the pattern of which to the bottom will expand or on it there will be various small details and elements. Women who are slim, fit material with any pattern, the main thing is that to the center it should be symmetrical. If you have a thin silhouette, you can experiment with laces that look good on you. And, remember, before you choose a fabric and sew a skirt-sun, be sure to think about the top of the outfit, the accessories with which you plan to wear it. Sewing a universal skirt model - skirts-the sun. Photo # 2 In the case where the girth of the hips is somewhat largerwidth of the fabric, then it will take two lengths. If the skirt will have a maximum length, you will need to take the material for 4 lengths. When calculating the inner radius, no increments are required on the seams. If the fabric intended for tailoring the product is natural, then it must first be washed and well ironed. Now you can start sewing skirt sun-flare. To sew a given product model, you need

  • Fabric, silk or lightmaterial of cotton. Provided that the width of the material is one hundred and forty-one hundred and sixty centimeters, it will be necessary to add to the length of the skirt the processing of twenty centimeters.
  • Compass.
  • Threads that match the color of the fabric.
  • A long line.
  • Remnant or chalk.
  • Paper - Whatman or unnecessary wallpaper (roll).
  • A special elastic band or elastic band, the width of which should be approximately two to three centimeters.

To start with the model for which it is intendedfuture product, you need to measure the circumference of the waist, girth of the hips, the length of the skirt itself. Now make a pattern. The pattern is a ring, wide enough. To make it fit the right size, you need to correctly calculate the radii. For this we will use the formula: the radius of the inner is equal to half the length of the circle multiplied by 3.14. The outer radius will be greater than the previous one by the length of the product itself. Sewing a universal skirt model - skirts-the sun. Picture №3 Now we make a pattern. A small radius we draw with the help of a compass. To draw a large circle, we need to tie the pencil to the thread and thus draw a drawing. Everyone will have this circle, depending on what length of skirt you want to have. Now you need to make a workpiece, which will later become the product belt. It is a rectangle, the width of which is six centimeters, and its length should be five centimeters more than the waist circumference. In accordance with the pattern, in a circle, we cut the fabric. The cut out blank must be folded in half on a share. On the oblique line we cut out the belt of the product. To start to sew a skirt-sun it is necessary from a belt. Fold it into two parts and shake the short sides. The allowances left on the seams are pressed inward. Now take the top part of the product and connect it with the hole (belt), the edge of the product should be inside it. Now we leave a place for inserting an elastic band and we plan it. After the done actions we spend all the details of the skirt, then insert the elastic into the belt and sew the place where it was inserted, with the help of a hidden seam. Our skirt, for sewing which we spent quite a bit of our precious time, is ready. It remains to iron it and you can wear it. In it you will look amazing in any situation. Sewing a universal skirt model - skirts-the sun. Photo №4 Sewing a universal skirt model - skirts-the sun. Photo №5