We create a unique hanger for the bathroom in the sea style with our own hands. With a simple gizmo bring to your bathroom the spirit of the sea

We create a unique hanger for the bathroom in the sea style with our own hands. With a simple gizmo bring to your bathroom the spirit of the sea

Ah, the sea, the sea ... Each of us has been to theThis beautiful reservoir, described in so many art works, is sung in an incalculable number of poems written by a huge number of artists. And it's not surprising. After all, its vast expanses, endless calm in the calm and stormy indignation in the storm, uneasily excite the human imagination, but awaken in him, perhaps, a previously unknown creative impulse calling to create something fantastically beautiful in order to somehow perpetuate his perishable existence against the backdrop of an endless eternity, the invariable symbol of which has always been the ocean. Perhaps that is why, having once visited the sea, having touched its beauty, we want to return to it again and again to experience those unforgettable impressions. And, perhaps, the sea is also inextricably in most of us is associated with a desired rest. After all, it is there that we strive to escape from the intrusive authorities and the unbearable summer heat. But what if you can not escape, but want to plunge into the unique atmosphere of the sea again? The answer is simple. Bring small particles of water to your home. The best place for this, of course, will be a bath. After all, this room is directly associated with the water element. And it is the beautiful and simple bathroom hanger in the marine style that will best help you, again and again plunge into pleasant memories. So let's start creating it, all the more it will be possible to do it all for free with our own hands.

To create a hanger for the bathroom in a marine style, you will need:

photo creation of a bathroom hanger in a marine style. Photo №1

  • Dekupazhnye napkins, made in the marine theme
  • Wooden workpiece under the hanger (you can use a ready-made wooden hanger, or it's very simple to make yourself)
  • Acrylic paints of marine shades and contours
  • White acrylic primer paint
  • Finishing varnish
  • Crackle lacquer
  • Scissors
  • Brushes
  • Marine natural material. It can be pebbles from the shore, sea stars, shells - in general, anything that can remind you of the sea.
  • Twine or string
  • And, of course, a great fun creative mood to make the creation process as enjoyable as possible.
  • The first step is to bend your hanger well in order to avoid any kind of roughness and roughness. This will avoid splinters during further work and make it much easier. In order to avoid losing the color of the napkins that you will glue on the hanger, primetnuyte hanger white paint. The next step is to cut out thenapkins nautical themes (you can buy these very cheaply in any store of needlework), the parts that you will use directly to decorate the hanger. Next, take a soft brush and glue it withUsing PVA, the parts you selected. Be sure to pre-separate the white lower layer with the pattern from the top layers of the napkin, as shown in the photo. Smooth the paper from the center to the edges, act with confidence, but at the same time carefully, so as not to tear the material. After the glue dries, take hold of thecreation of picturesque cracks - craquelure. They can be placed at your discretion both on the entire surface of the product, and only on some part of it. If you apply a layer of paint densely, the cracks will look thicker, if less often - a little more elegant. Wait until the varnish is almost dry, but notcompletely, it will take 15-20 minutes only after that you can take on the main background. Do not dunk the brush into water and do not spend 2 times on the same place. Simply paint and you will see how in just a few seconds the product will be covered with wonderful cracks. Allow the paint to dry a little. Then give the product a little vintage. Retro style is especially popular in 2014 and your hanger will not only please you with the spirit of the sea, but also meet fashion requirements. To do this, you need to walk along the ledges with sandpaper and wipe the corners. Then, with white pearly acrylic contours, draw the edges of the decoupage fragments. Allow the product to dry completely, and thenfold with acrylic spray paint. Screw the sea hanger to the chosen place in the bathroom and disguise the screws with the help of shells. With twine, you can hang original and simple necklaces from shells collected on vacation. This will also give the hanger a note of originality. All original bathroom hanger in the seastyle ready! Thus, in just a few hours you will create an excellent trifle for your home, which on long and cold winter evenings will always remind you of the warm and endless summer sea. And you made all this with your own hands completely free of charge! We hope our detailed description of the manufacture and photos will help you enjoy the ease of the process and have fun and usefully spend time. Master, leave your comments about the result and let your house be filled with the spirit of a wonderful sea!