Rug from the cork for the bathroom with their own hands

Rug from the cork for the bathroom with their own hands

Corks from wine bottles - excellent materialfor a variety of diy for home and garden. One of the useful options - to make a rug of cork yourself. The cork bark practically does not absorb moisture and the bacteria do not multiply in it, which is why the plug is perfect for rooms with high humidity, that is, for a bathroom. And walking on a mat of cork is not only very nice, but also useful!

carpet of cork yourself

How to make a bath mat from bathroom cork

In order to make a small rug, you will need:

  • 150-180 wine corks;
  • glue;
  • a detachment of water-repellent material for the substrate (rubber mat for the shower or for yoga, rubberized fabric, soft thin plastic);
  • Sharp knife;
  • large nazhdachka;
  • cutting board.

Collect and prepare the plugs. If you do not have the right amount, you can buy cork in online stores. Wash them thoroughly in warm soapy water. To remove red stains from wine, soak plugs in a solution with bleach and leave them overnight. Then rinse well and leave to dry. Cut each plug along into two pieces. Use a cutting board and a sharp knife. If the sections come out very uneven - sand the edges with sandpaper. For convenience and safety, it is better to cut the cork not on its side, but by placing it in a vertical position. master class mat of cork Lay the plugs side-by-side on the table as they arewill be located on the rug, determine the size of the future rug. Then cut out the base of the desired size from the rubber material. You can invent a pattern yourself, it can be a chess game, even rows, zigzags. master class Start gluing the plugs to the substrate with a glue suitable for gluing such surfaces. First glue the plugs around the perimeter, then move to the center. Remove excess glue immediately with a cloth. master class master class The cork of the cork should dry completely. To make it completely waterproof, it is possible to treat the surface with a sealant. If you use a pad of plugs in the bathroom, it is advisable to prevent it from drying out in the sun at least once a month for the prevention. carpet of cork yourself a mat in a bathroom of cork by one's own hands Another option is to make a carpet of corkDo not use your own glue, knife or other tools. However, in this case you need a lot more traffic jams - about 500 pieces! Prepare a plywood box or box with low edges. Probably, it is necessary to saw off superfluous. The height of the sides should not greatly exceed the height of the cork. Then put the stoppers vertically in the drawer, filling them tightly with the entire space. mat in the bathroom from the cork