Rug from pompoms own hands: pompons in the interior

Rug from pompoms own hands: pompons in the interior

From fluffy pompoms you can do not onlydecorative decoration of clothing, but also a completely independent piece of interior, for example, a mat of pompoms, a pillow, a padding of a chair, an armchair or a puff. Pompons themselves are found from different materials, from garbage bags to old T-shirts. But the most popular are the pompons of the thread. Make pompoms with your own hands is very simple, three simple ways to look at the link above. And now consider how to make a mat of pompoms with your own hands.mat of pompons MYKwhite and blue pompom rug

Necessary tools and materials

To make such a white and blue mat of pompons, you will need:

  • thick woolen thread for knitting;
  • mesh base for the rug;
  • scissors.

master-class mat of pompoms with their own hands A little bit about the basis. The best plastic canvas - synthetic mesh with large holes. There are different shades and sizes. The cut edges of such a canvas do not have the property to blossom and crumble. You can also take a woven canvas 11 size or larger, or strumin - a rigid mesh with large gaps for embroidering panels and tapestries. All this you will find in shops for needlework and sewing.

Rug from pompoms with your own hands - work progress

Make pompoms of different colors to makesmooth gradient color transition. You can make a solid mat or lay out a certain pattern. You can also play with the sizes of the pompoms, using large, smaller and very small ones. For this, look here, what better way to do pom-poms of different sizes. master-class mat of pompoms Now tie each pompom to the grid, observing the color scheme. Try not to see the canvas between the pompoms. master class carpet of pom-poms master class carpet from pompons 02If desired, the reverse side of the rug with knotscan be closed with a cloth or knitting so that the mat of pompoms was beautiful from all sides, even from the wrong side. If you could not find a suitable basis - a grid - it does not matter, pom-poms can simply be sewn to any fabric.

Design padded mats and upholstery upholstery

pompom carpet In the same way from pompoms you can do differentobjects of interior and furniture, for example, decorative cushions on the sofa, upholstery of pouffes, chairs and armchairs. Look, please, what unusual accessories from pompons does the German studio MYK! For sure, this bright furniture will inspire you to make your own rug from pompoms with your own hands! white carpet from pompoms carpet from pompons MYK carpet from pompoms in the form of bear skin 02 carpet of pompoms in the form of bear skin mat of pompons in the form of leopard skin 02 mat of pompons in the form of leopard skin chair from pompons MYK 02 chair from pompons MYK pillows from pom-poms pompon puffin MYK chair from pom-poms