Passepartout for embroidery with their hands: an elegant design (photo)

Passepartout for embroidery with their hands: an elegant design (photo)


As a gem requiresthe respective frames, and any picture requires a suitable design. Today Framing Workshop offers a huge selection of frames, moldings for every taste and budget. But when you need to create a special design of the painting or embroidery masters often resort to the help of the mat.

What mat

Passepartout is a section of cardboard or heavy paper, which is made in the center of a small frame, fitting in the form of paintings, photographs, or embroidery.
If we talk about the history of, the exactdate and maker is unlikely to be called. It is only known that the design art paintings originated during the time of Leonardo da Vinci. He was the first to dress his paintings in frames, approaching this issue with the utmost seriousness.
Why do we need the mat?
mat functions can be completely different,depending on what it will be framing. If, for example, it comes to photos, the mat allows you to expand the perception of the image significantly. Also, it often makes the inscription telling about who or what is shown in the photo. In some cases, it has a signature shown in the photo of a person.
Another, important functions isprotective function. Paintings, embroidery or photo framed in it is some distance from the window, which avoids deformation for a long time.
Decorative function. This is, perhaps, most importantly, for what in general is to draw a picture or embroidery. Framing work provides an opportunity to enjoy it to everyone who enters the room. Depending on the material, the mat is able to create a wide variety of effects. It can be increased, the depth of the image, create a color balance between the frame and the work itself, or just decoration.

Passepartout for embroidery with their hands

The most popular material for the production ofIt is cardboard. By and large, you can make it with their own hands, using a minimum of materials and tools. You only need cardboard white and color, scissors, paper cutter, glue and, in fact, the work itself, you are going to decorate. Consider the example of an embroidery of 14 to 25 cm is possible to make a mat.
So, first cut a piece of cardboard onsize equal to our embroidery. Glue it work. Then we proceed to the design of the mat. On colored cardboard segment is necessary to measure and cut out the middle of a rectangle whose sides are 1 cm less than the hand embroidery. glue
own hands with the help of thin slips of double-sided tape.

Everything is ready, it remains only to put in the work in the frame.
This design option will look veryeffective and cost you very cheap. But its drawback is that you can only experiment with his color. At the same time, the baguette workshops can offer you various options for mats that differ in color, material, texture and decorative elements. The fact is that professional product created using special equipment. It is also possible to make mats with decorative engraving or stamping.
Of course, the cost of its production will beslightly higher, but the result is worth it. In addition, employees will be able to picture framing studio tell you what the mat is best suited for your masterpiece.

Types of mats

Choosing the mat for a particular job, it is veryit is important to consider a number of factors influencing the decision. Location executed work objectives pursued during the design, the nature of the work itself - all play an important role in the choice of design options. There is always the option to do it with their own hands. To navigate in a variety of mat, it would be good to understand their varieties.

Laminated paspartuV depending on the type of cardboard distinguished museum, Reservation and the usual mat. The difference lies in the materials used.
Museum mats are made from specialcotton fibers. But does not contain chemicals that can disrupt the work, shall be in him. They are used for the frame of the museum exhibits or expensive paintings, photographs and other things.
Reservation mat made of woodsawdust, between which the cotton fibers are laid. It contains a small amount of chemicals that are capable of for a long time to maintain an optimal level of acidity.
Normal or standard mat is made ofconventional cardboard. Often needlewoman strive to make his own hands. It is often used in the design of embroidery, paintings, pictures of beads, ribbons, natural material. This mat carries only a decorative function without protecting the work from the environment.
Given the number of layers of cardboard, distinguish single-layer and multi-layer mat.
Single-layer mat is often used for decoration of modern graphics, posters, photographs. Well, they look in the interior of a child's room, kitchen.
The multilayer mats are used to give the image depth effect. In this case the color of a layer is intended to create a balance between the frame and the image.
Modern equipment allows you to create a mat differing in texture. Wizards can offer you:

  • mat with metallic effect, which is widely used in framing of diplomas, certificates, portraits;
  • decorative mats imitating marble,granite, corrugated paper and other textures. This design is used to create interior design in a particular style. Especially effective when created with your own hands;
  • fabric mat is selected for the design of modern graphics and painting. Well they look in the interior, dominated by pastel colors;
  • velvet mat choose when they want to emphasize the special glamor and value of the work is made out.

Summarizing all the above add thatdespite a mat you have chosen for their work, the main value, of course, is in the soul, which invests in any needlewoman his masterpiece. Especially if all this is done with his own hands!

Video: how to make your embroidery in a frame with a mat