Mattress in the sleigh with their own hands: a master class

Mattress in the sleigh with their own hands: a master class

Snowy winter kids with pleasuretransplanted from strollers to the sled. And then the question arises about the warming of these sleds. In stores, the choice of matrasik is small, and it is far from always to choose the color, quality, price, size. Therefore, I suggest you sew a mattress into a sled with your own hands: it will not only make the winter transport as warm, soft and comfortable as possible, but also serve as an ornament for it. How else can you? Following the link you will find our detailed master class, which shows how to decorate children's sledges using decoupage technique.

To sew a mattress into a sled with your own hands, you will need:

1. Foam rubber 1 cm wide (can be used even thicker if your sewing machine can sew it). 2. Raincoat fabric or other waterproof fabric - 0.5 m. 3. Fleece - 0.5 m.

Mattress in a sledge with their own hands: description of work

1. Make blanks of foam rubber. The pattern of the mattress in the sled is very easy to build. It is enough to measure the seat and backrest. For the standard model it will be such sizes. Seat: 29 cm x 46 cm. Round the corners. Back: 90 cm x 22 cm. Top to make an oval. 2. From the raincoat fabric and fleece cut the same parts of the back, as well as from foam rubber, but add 1.5 cm for the allowances. 3. In the same way cut out the details of the seat. I cut off 10 cm from the fleece part and added the same raincoat part. This is done in order not to stain and wet the light fabric with shoes. 4. You will also need to make straps with which the mattress will be tied to the sled. You can use ready-made satin ribbons. 5. Sew two back pieces along the top oval cut. Turn on the front side and insert the foam. 6. Stepping back from the edge of 2-3 cm, make a decorative line. 7. Mark the middle of the back and sew the strings. 8. Use chalk to draw the strips on the back and stitch them on the sewing machine so that the foam rubber does not loosen, and the back of the mattress for the sleds holds its shape better. 9. Stitch the top layer of the seat. The same piece of fleece, which we cut to 10 cm, sew with a little detail from raincoat fabric, as shown in the photo. 10. Now - the most painstaking work. Fold both sides of the seat face up to each other, and lay a back cut between them. Sweep the seam by hand. Do not forget to tack and strings. Carefully remove, check that everything is in its place. 11. Stitch on the typewriter and turn out the mattress on the front side. 12. Insert the foam rubber into the blank hole; Sew a hole by hand with a hidden stitch. That's all! We sewed a sledge mattress with our own hands, it's time to tie them to the sled and go for a walk! Fount specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: