Memorable moments: a lamp with photographic film

Memorable moments: a lamp with photographic film

Photographic films have almost become obsolete. In place of modern digital media, which allows you to store images dear to the heart forever and without loss of quality. But many still have round boxes with developed negative film or color slide. With their help you can make your own hands an interesting lamp with photographic film! luminaire with photographic film

Preparation for work and materials

Before starting the project, scan the film tosave and if you want to print memorable moments. As a table lamp, which we will decorate, I used a Grönö lamp from Ikea cost from $ 8 to $ 15. But you, of course, can pick up any other. For laminating photographic film it is convenient to use a rectangular lamp. Also for work will need glue for decoupage Mod Podge, which has the original formula, combining the properties of glue, sealant and varnish. It can be replaced with any other glue, and cover all work from above with varnish. lamp with photographic film - master class

Fixture with photographic film: work progress

The film can be glued vertically,horizontally or create a mosaic of individual frames - to your taste. The sides of the lamp should be well degreased. The film must first be cut into strips of the required size. Then cover the side of the fixture with decoupage glue and gently stick the film. master class luminaire decoration film Walk on the streaked fingers ora rag so that all the air came out and no bubbles formed. After you so cover all four sides, cover the lamp with several more layers of glue. Make sure that the films do not lag behind the surface, otherwise add more glue and put some thin rubber bands on top to keep the strips pressed. master class luminaire decoration film Allow the lamp to dry, if desired, cover with a layer of varnish. Done! And if you still have slides, then from them you can make an original curtain! fixtures with photographic film