Mike with his own hands: how to sew?

Mike with his own hands: how to sew?

Mike do it yourself Sew a light T-shirt with your own hands for a daughternot difficult. A new piece of wardrobe, made of natural flax, goes well with and and does not soar, and thanks to the relatively free silhouette - does not hinder the movement of air flow. In the summer of this t-shirt replacement for your child will not be exactly. And we will conjure up and from everyday clothes we will make a stylish little thing, decorating the shirt with unusual straps and embroidery in ethnic style.

Materials and tools for sewing T-shirts with their own hands:

linen fabric; floss threads for straps and pompons; colored bobbin thread; scissors cutters and small scissors; needle; crochet hook 2 mm.

How to sew a jersey with their own hands: description of work

Before cutting linen undershirts, be sure to wash, dry and iron to shrink. Mike with his own hands: pattern Cut out the details of the T-shirt, leaving allowances forseams, process edges with overlock, overlock seam on the typewriter or overcast. We carry out embroidery. You can take any drawing you like or use our scheme. Before starting to sew a pattern, embroider a small piece on the remaining piece of flax (also washed and ironed) to estimate the size of the pattern. Make a mock-up of the same size out of colored paper and place it on the shirt to mark the beginning of the embroidery. Embroidery on linen fabric is much more complicated than on a special fabric for embroidery. The thickness of the flax threads is not the same, so even with a very careful approach, inconsistencies in the pattern are possible. If this happens, approach the problem creatively and embroider additional crosses or throw away a few of the pattern, because getting the threads out of the flax can ruin all the work. The scheme of embroidery t-shirts do it yourself Embroidery on the shirt with their own hands Then sew the side seams. We process the bottom, armholes and neck seam in the hem with a closed cut. If the edges of the fabric are treated with overlock, you can make a seam with an open cut. Sew through the bottom and armhole with a decorative machine or hand colored seam. We make and sew straps. Thread floss or other cotton thread of suitable thickness fold to get a loop at the end. From this loop we will start knitting. The floss thread can be folded in two or four times, it depends on the size of the shirt (the larger it is, the thicker the strap should be). We tie a chain of air loops of the desired length. Keep in mind that the strap should be tied, and the edges with tassels should hang nicely. Pull the thread in the last loop and cut off, leaving 5 cm of the free end. How to make straps for T-shirts with your hands The thread for the brush is folded several times towe have a thick bundle, and we tie it in the center with the ends of the thread from the chain. Tightening a few ordinary knots and trimming the ends of the chains, leaving 4-5 mm tails. We add the ends of the brush threads together, carefully tucking the tips of the red threads into the bundle and tightly tie the brush with the thread of the same color, making several knots. We add the ends of a dressing thread to a brush. Brushes for T-shirts do it yourself Crop and straighten the edge of the brush. The second edge of the shoulder strap is folded with trefoil and sewed its center to the shirt of the jersey (the end of the chain from which the shoulder strap is connected, is left above the trefoil). Do-it-yourself shoulder straps Straps for T-shirts with their hands Wash your self-made t-shirt in cool water - always by hand! - and do not unscrew. How to sew a shirt with your hands How to decorate a t-shirt with your own hands T-shirt for girls with their own hands We sew a t-shirt with his own hands How to sew a shirt with his hands Surging specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: