Mimosa from beads master class creating gentle colors (photo and video)

Mimosa from beads master class creating gentle colors (photo and video)


Mimosa of beads will not yield to the beauty of itsRelative, existing in nature. Each of them has its own charm. And if the man-made mimosa has no natural freshness and smell, then it wins in longevity. Such beauty will never wither, and will please our eyes forever. And then, there is not always an opportunity to buy fresh flowers, but any of us can make by oneself using beads and the technique of weaving from it. Magnificent and charming, mimosa can compete in beauty with any colors, will cheer up and awaken us to life from hibernation.

The lesson of creating a tree with flowers of mimosa from beads

Let us devote a lesson to the study of how, with the help of the schemeWeaving, photo and video materials, make a twig, or even a mimosa tree. We will try to understand the beadwork and its technique, with reference to the manufacture of the inimitable mimosa tree. For an excellent mastery of the material, you need to master a master class that will help us in this. For work we need:

  • Beads of yellow color;
  • Beads of green color;
  • Wire 0.3 mm;
  • Wire 1mm;
  • The wire is thick;
  • Tweezers;
  • Threads brown moulin.
  • We take a thin wire and string itGreen beads. We retreat from the free edge of the wire 10 cm and make the first loop of 10 beads. Well twist the wire, three times, no less. We continue in the same order to perform loops of 10 beads. We make the second and third loops, and place them in a checkerboard pattern to each other. In total for one twig it is necessary to make 10 such loops. It turns out a small twig, which consists of 10 leaves. But this is only one branch, and for a mimosa tree 50 such twigs are required. This number will be sufficient.
    The next stage of our work isMaking mimosa flowers. To do this, we collect yellow seed beads by wire, and make yellow twigs in the same order as the green ones made earlier. Yellow branches will also need 50 pieces. When all the yellow twigs are ready, you need to perform the following operation, folding the two yellow branches together vertically, and twisting them together. As a result, we get 25 double branches of yellow color.

    Video: Mimosa from beads for beginners (part 1)

    Let's start creating a large branch. Take the wire, and fasten with the brown thread two green twigs to the very top, fixing them there. A little lower apply and fix another green, also using brown thread. After that, attach and fix the yellow, and again green. Now we put two more yellow and one green twig. On this work on the big branch of the mimosa is over.

    Now you need to make a branch without yellow flowers,Consisting only of green. We connect together with the help of threads four small green branches. When we secure them securely, we put them on our large branch and also screw them with threads. We get the first complex branch with a double edge, or base. In total, six such composite complex branches are obtained.
    Our master class is coming to an end. It remains only to collect a tree of six large complex branches. We need to take a thick wire, which we have prepared ahead of time, and fix one of the big branches at its base with wire. The following branches are fixed with threads, in staggered order and from top to bottom. Now our mimosa is ready, and it remains for us to put it in a pot, or in a special soil. Such a primer can be made by mixing gypsum with water. At the end of the work, you need to straighten and spread out the branches of the mimosa so that the tree is magnificent.

    Video: Mimosa from beads for beginners (part 2)

    Mimosa from beads differs not only enviableMagnificence, originality and beauty, but also relatively light technique of performance. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that there are several techniques for weaving such a tree. Different schemes, as well as methods of work. Beading is interesting because the same thing can be done using different techniques.

    Master class on weaving mimosa

    Today we will dwell on one more method of making a mimosa. For this we need to study the next, fascinating and interesting master class. For this it is necessary to have:

  • Yellow large beads;
  • Green seed beads № 11;
  • Copper wire 0.3 mm;
  • Rigid rods for branches;
  • Threads of green mulina;
  • Scissors;
  • Containers for beads;
  • Vase.

  • The technique we use to makeTwigs of a mimosa, is called "nizanie with twist". We start the master class with work on the yellow flower. We need a wire 30 cm long. We collect on it yellow beads in an amount of 5 pieces. Wrap the wire in half and twist it 2 times. We have two ends, one of which we will string 5 beads, and again twist the ends. Repeat the same operation with the other end of the wire, ending it with twisting.
    There were three yellow round balls. The process of weaving continues in the same order, until our wire is finished. Must remain 3 to 4 cm free ends. We have a beautiful yellow flower, like a bouquet, very much like a real mimosa flower. It is necessary to make four such flowers.
    The next step is to manufacture moreFour of the same colors, but we take a wire longer, about 40 cm. Repeat the weave until the end of the length of the wire. As before, we leave a free end 4 cm long. These flowers will be slightly longer than the previous ones.
    The next four branches will be weaved onWire length of 50 cm. They will be longer than the previous two. Now begin to collect twigs of different lengths and connect them together. To the longest branch we twist a branch of medium length, and then the shortest. We make a strong twist of all three branches. It turned out one large branch. You can continue and make another team a big branch. Then it is desirable to form smaller twigs, joining and twisting two together, instead of three.

    Mimosa of beads should be maximizedIs close to the present plant. Therefore, it will consist not only of yellow flowers, but also of green leaves. The technique of their implementation is very simple. To do this, we collect 15 cm of green beads on a wire 50 cm long. We fold our wire in such a way that one end is longer. We make twisting under the beads. The leaf is formed by the twisting method. We need to rotate the eyelet around its axis several times. It turns out a very beautiful and unusual spiral leaf. We have already noted that one end is left longer. On it we string the next portion of beads in length of 10-12 cm and make the twisting of the second sheet. The third leaf is made on the second free wire, dialing 8-10 cm beads.
    We got a triple twisted leaf. We need at least 7-8 leaves. It is advisable to make several more leaves with four separate loops. This will make our twig of mimosa even more voluminous and fluffy. Having completed the work on making yellow flowers and green twigs, we proceed to assembly of the branch. Mimosa from beads should be collected in the same sequence as mimosa in nature.

    We take our prepared stick from artificialFlowers and thread of a mulina of green color. Such a stick perfectly imitates the stem of a plant, especially if it is decorated with threads of a floss. We begin to attach in turn all our flowers and leaves, creating a wonderful twig of mimosa. As the branches are collected, we wind the green flywheel along the entire length, strengthening the structure and masking its defects.
    You can make any number of suchTwigs, perfectly imitating a living mimosa. We hope that mimosa of beads will please you, your friends and relatives, if you decide to give it. Our master class is complete, but you can supplement the knowledge gained by viewing photos and video materials.

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