Mini Zen garden with their own hands

Mini Zen garden with their own hands

Garden of stones or Zen garden - cultural and aestheticThe construction of Japan, which is, as a rule, a flat sandy area with several asymmetrically spaced stones. Such an island of tranquility and harmony can be arranged anywhere, for example, on the office desk in the office, making a miniature copy of the Zen garden. And if usually in such a composition the main role is played by stones, we propose to make a mini Zen garden with our own hands using plants: cacti, succulents and aerophytes.

How to make a mini zen garden with your own hands?

Very, very simple. To do this, prepare:

  • plant (cactus or succulent plant);
  • fine sand (for terrariums and aquariums, landscape design);
  • optional - soil for succulents;
  • capacity (transparent bowl, ceramic pot, box).

mini zen garden with your hands 01 There are four main ways to make a miniaturethe garden of Zen. Option 1. A pot with a plant is simply digested in the sand so that only the plant can be seen. Option 2. A special primer for succulents or a common one is placed in a nylon sock, plant a plant there and tie a capron. Then such a bag with a plant digs into the sand. Option 3. Many plants of deserts can be planted directly in the sand. But do not forget to lay small stones on the bottom of the pot for drainage. Option 4. The second option is suitable for any plant. At the bottom of the container, put pebbles for drainage, then a layer of soil, and only top 2-3 cm with sand. Special rakes, wand or handlecreate patterns and ornaments on the surface of sand, every day - new. Such a contemplative occupation will surely bring you peace of mind and allow you to rest from worries. On the materials of the resource