Minimalism in the interior: ideas for spacious rooms and uncluttered rooms (35 photos)

Minimalism in the interior: ideas for spacious rooms and uncluttered rooms (35 photos)

To date, there are many different styles and directions in which you can decorate your apartment. One of them is the style of minimalism, which will be discussed. Minimalist style design Content

About the direction and its types

The name "minimalism" comes from the Latinwords, which in translation means "smallest". It characterizes a certain conciseness, simplicity and clarity in the design of the room. Materials and shapes are geometric shapes of neutral colors and small volumes. Speaking of creating minimalism in the interior, we can highlight certain parameters that must necessarily be present in the room.

  • The space in the rooms should not be full. This means that it is necessary to minimize all furniture and not litter the territory with unnecessary accessories.
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    Minimalism in interior design

  • It is advisable to divide the room into the necessary zones, while considering the moment of multi-level lighting.
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    The idea of ​​zoning the room and design in a minimalist style

  • When considering color design rememberthat it should be light shades, and make the main highlight on the halftone game. You can also design the room in white, while emphasizing the graphically emphasized details in gray and black. Similarly, use the palette of natural tones of wood, metal, brick and glass shine.
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    Room decoration in bright colors

  • You can use natural decoration materials to decorate different parts of the room. These can be unprocessed parts with a rough texture (concrete, brick, plaster or wood).
  • Basically, simple lines and shapes should be used in interior design, without adding frills and decor to walls and windows.
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    Design a room using simple lines and shapes.

  • Highlighting the decor item separately, remember that you can not use ornaments, decorations and other elements in the room. The room should be as simple as possible, but at the same time cozy.
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    Beautiful spacious no frills room

    Varieties of minimalism

    Often, each direction in its growth anddevelopment in a certain period of time begins to separate and forms additional branches. Minimalism is no exception, and looking at this direction a little deeper, we learn that there are subspecies that can also be used as decoration. Software minimalism This is a variant of minimalism, but withthe presence of warm colors in the design of the room. Here you can use less strict forms and textures, which will be softer and more comfortable. A very small amount of decor and additional accessories is allowed. Room decoration in the direction of software minimalismEco-minimalism Another subspecies of minimalism, the idea of ​​which is the use of warm environmental materials, which will be fundamentally different from the version of the "plastic" direction. In this case, we will not be able to use bright plastic chairs, but we will decorate everything with the help of a variety of wood textures and natural materials. It can be stones, skins, porcelain, knitted natural things, glass and decorative plaster. It is said that this subspecies of minimalism arose so that we could integrate a piece of wildlife in our home. Eco-minimalism style room interior

    Features of the design of the main elements

    When you design an interior in the style of minimalism, it is worth paying attention to some points. This will apply to certain components of the room, namely the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture.

  • Basically, the decor of the walls is covered with textured plaster, the color of which should be relatively neutral. As an option, the choice can be made in the direction of plain wallpaper.
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    Wall decoration in neutral light colors

  • The ceiling in the room is likewise made plain, usually of a light shade. If you want to make a little play of light - you can mount a multi-level design.
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    White accent black ceiling

  • Floor covering. Basically, the floor is made of tiles, linoleum or wood. The structure should be simple and uniform, preferably light shades.
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    The floor is made of wooden structure of the coating material

  • Furniture always wins back an important element indecorating the room, especially when it is designed in a minimalist style. One of the good solutions in this direction is the built-in headsets. You can use wooden furniture with an aluminum profile, as well as leather, glass and chrome inserts. Upholstery is recommended monophonic with the addition of bright elements of decor (pillows, decorations, etc.).
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    Furniture in the interior of minimalism

    Minimalism style room decoration

    When we already know the approximate basis, how shouldlook minimalist style design, you can move from theory to practice and consider the details of the decor of each of the areas of the apartment. Living Room First of all, in the living room you will need to get rid of any possible partitions in order to expand the area of ​​the room. The color palette for wall decoration is ideally white. Alternatively, the walls can be prepared using wallpaper for painting, or decorated with Venetian plaster or liquid wallpaper. Minimalist living roomwill lay a laminate or a simple parquet with a discreet pattern. Remember that in the interior design of the living room in the style of minimalism should be present no more than five different shades. At the same time, it will be quite important to place emphasis on contrast. It is recommended to buy chairs and a sofa cubicor rectangular, preferably with hard armrests. An interesting solution would be the presence of glass shelves or other interior items (coffee table, bookcase, etc.). Lighting in the living room is also quite important, so do not curtain the windows with bulky curtains, it is best to purchase a beautiful translucent tulle. Kitchen Kitchen in the style of minimalism - this is primarily a lot of space and a maximum of built-in appliances. Everything should be extremely functional and comfortable. Minimalism style kitchen designso that the kitchen room is zoned. The result will help to achieve a variety of color schemes of walls or textured decor elements. Moreover, the choice of material is quite diverse. You can use glass, brick, natural stone, wood, cork and other similar materials. Speaking of dividing the kitchen, it is recommended to conditionally divide it into three parts:

    • Working area - used exclusively for cooking and food storage.
    • The dining room is the place where the dining table will be located and the meal will be taken directly.
    • Aisle area - an empty corridor with which you can freely move around the kitchen.

    Walls are best designed using texturedlight tones wallpaper. Lay laminate, linoleum or parquet on the floor. One of the most ideal kitchen layouts in the minimalism style is the solid surface of a number of cabinets and a continuous working area. It is very good to visually expand the area of ​​the kitchen with a design approach, the secret of which is in the design of the dark floor and light top, including the kitchen set. Windows can be decorated using blinds or Roman curtains. The lighting itself is emphasized by spot lighting, using it in the areas of the ceiling, work surface, floor, shelving and shelves. Bedroom Similarly, as in the previous versions of the room, the main highlight of the design in the style of minimalism is lightness and a lot of space. It is forbidden to have extra objects in the bedroom, everything should be thought out and hidden as much as possible. To do this, use built-in wardrobes and podiums with drawers. Minimalism Design Bedroom Talking Aboutcolor scheme, white will prevail in combination with gray, beige or purple. Alternatively, a combination of dark shades with neutral tones (gray with wenge, brown with beige, etc.) is also allowed. You can introduce vibrant colors as accents in small details of the interior. In this case, saturated bright shades of purple, orange and red are used. Wall decoration is done using textured plaster, smooth light wallpaper or paint. Remember that all surfaces must remain uniform. The floor can be covered with parquet or laminate, sometimes a neutral colored carpet is used. The ceiling is made stretch or drywall, spotlights are mounted around the entire perimeter. Remember that stucco, bas-relief or murals in a minimalist design are strictly prohibited. The main highlight of the bedroom will be the bed, whichcan be decorated with canopies, platform or podium. At the same time, the rest of the furniture should be minimized. The room may contain a small table, wardrobe and shelves. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!