Mirror in the bedroom: 50 decor options for your reflection

Mirror in the bedroom: 50 decor options for your reflection


    My light, mirror, say ...

    Nothing makes a woman's heart beatas your own reflection. And even men, no, no, and they look with one eye, suddenly the color of a T-shirt is not suitable for a date. Mirrors accompany people everywhere: at home, in the windows of shops, in the lobby of public and private institutions, even in a public toilet, there is at least one. But is it worth hanging them in such an intimate place as a bedroom, contrary to signs and research? And if so, which ones? Table mirror in the bedroomTable mirror in the bedroom

    Black cats - to believe?

    First you have to deal with the "prohibitory"indicators. In the wake of fashion now, Feng Shui, the bearers of folk knowledge are also not sleeping, and psychologists are doing their bit, mocking people in every way with the help of mirrors, and then publishing Talmuds on this subject. So, here are a couple of reasons not to hang mirrors in the bedroom: Full-length mirror for wardrobe bedroomFull-length mirror for wardrobe bedroom

    • you can not hang, because the ancestors said;
    • a sleeping person cannot be reflected;
    • You can not hang so that the exit from the room is reflected;
    • it is impossible for the image to crumble (complex mirrors for the ceiling).

    Morning makeup bedroom mirrorMorning makeup bedroom mirrorThe first three points are easily solved: installing screens and outweighing. The fourth point is a little more complicated if it is a ceiling mirror, but also removable. Firstly, the canopy will give additional mystery and fabulousness to the sleeping place, at the same time hiding the very place of sleep. Secondly, it is unlikely that people who install a mirrored ceiling are so much afraid of evil spirits, and therefore it is not worth worrying about it. Mirror wall in the bedroomMirror wall in the bedroom

    Mirror in the bedroom: Taste and color

    Why do I need mirrors in the bedroom? Designers will say: to make the room brighter, “fresher” - then the eyes will not strain much at dusk and get tired. Visually, the space will become larger, stop pushing - also not bad. But there are also purely utilitarian functions: a bedroom is often a wardrobe and a room for applying makeup - it means you need to see yourself. Dressing room: MirrorsWardrobe bedroom: Mirrors Based on these function and make a choice. Want to be new in a relationship? Mirror ceiling at your service. Want to just visually expand the room? Also, the ceiling, floor, walls - depending on preferences and shyness, you can exclude any item. However, remember that installing a reflective surface somewhere other than walls is a complex technical process. At the same time, a fairly large part of the sliding wardrobes has mirror doors, “enlarging” the room and allowing them to evaluate themselves on a full-length reflection. Tall growth mirrors in the bedroomsTall growth mirrors in the bedrooms

    So different but beautiful mirrors

    The size and shape of the mirrors is up to you, but there are several general principles for a bedroom:

    • rounded shapes without sharp corners;
    • small size (if it’s not about growth);
    • appropriate placement.

    Round and oval mirrors for bedroom decorRound and oval mirrors for bedroom decor. ForIt’s more reasonable to use places of rest that are calm, not causing bad associations with aggression. Again, the awake of sharp edges can be painfully hit, and the bedroom can be a nursery, which only increases the risk of injury. A large amount of light where they sleep can only interfere, which is why it is better to leave large mirrors aside. Mirrors as decorative elements above the bed in the bedroomMirrors as decorative elements above the bed inbedroom Regarding relevance. If you don’t apply makeup, you don’t need a mirror if you change clothes in another room - similarly. However, you can invite a designer who will happily decorate the room and give him style. And small round mirrors will make “clouds”, “splashes”, even fruits on a tree painted on the wall. Small multi-colored and shiny, they will tell a lot to their dear guest about their master. Mirror clouds photoMirror clouds photo

    The final choice of bedroom mirrors

    Much easier if you define for yourselfdirection in which to think. Suppose a mirror for everyday use should take up little space, cost cheaply, be conveniently located (for example, a growth mirror should hang where you can go far enough to see yourself as a whole). On the other hand, a “beautiful” mirror will be insanely expensive, difficult to install and hang under the ceiling, where no one will look, but will fulfill its role to the fullest. Decor of the bedroom with mirrors in the photoDecor of the bedroom with mirrors in the photo And neverit is worth forgetting that even “useful” mirrors can be in an exquisite frame. In the end, life without a share of beauty is not life, but existence, so make your life more beautiful, if only with the help of its own reflections. Here are 40 more ideas on how to decorate your bedroom with a mirror: Mirror-sun on the seten Bedside mirror Large oval mirror Wall mirror How to hang a mirror New Year's decor of a mirror Mirrors over the bed in the bedroom Photo of mirrors in the bedroom Decor bedroom mirrors Symmetrical mirrors in the bedroom Table and mirror in the bedroom Makeup mirror Mirror in a white frame Ideas for the bedroom mirror Sun mirror over the bed Mirror on the bedroom floor Mirror over the fireplace Floor mirror Two mirrors on the wall Two mirrors in the bedroom Mirror as an element of decor Mirror throughout the bedroom wall Bedside mirror Mirrors near the bed Round mirror for a bedroom Mirror sun in bedroom decor The mirror in the bedroom in the photo Mirror wall in the bedroom Mirror wall over the bed Dressing a bedroom with a mirror Large mirror in the bedroom Floor mirror by the bed Wall mirror photo Small mirror in the bedroom Mirror in the dressing room bedroom Mirrors on the wall in the bedroom A table with a mirror in the corner Small mirror above the bed High floor mirror Round mirror-sun Like an article? Share on social networks!