Mittens spokes men: basic course description vyazaniyas

Mittens spokes men: basic course description vyazaniyas


A perfect complement to the male wardrobe are warm winter gloves. Especially if they are connected by spokes accurate the pattern.
Men's gloves are able to perform even the mostinexperienced knitter using a detailed master class with step by step photos. Knitting this accessory can be made very simple viscous front, you can use the circuit patterns or relief patterns.
The main thing is to understand the principle of construction of patterns and understand the sequence of work.

Knit gloves for men

Initial preparation of the very beginningwork will require a simple pattern, which saves time and makes the knitting more productive. To construct a pattern for men is enough to circle his hand on the paper. At the same time the thumb of men outline separately, and the other four - together. To mittens sitting on the hand comfortably, make the pattern carefully.

The next step - calculation of the density of knitting. Here we need a control sample and small mathematical calculations. Without such calculation knitting can get annoying, and mittens for men will have to redo. If this step is you have to do the first time, a detailed master class to help. After calculating the resultant density multiplied by the length of the brush circumference. Now you have the number of the required number for a set of loops.
The easiest way to continue knitting in fourinstruments. Dialed buttonhole transferred into four spokes in the same number respectively. Each of the spokes of being evenly. Closes the circle and continue vyvyazyvayut by analogy. For beginners, knitters knit collar is recommended for a man band. If you know how to knit socks, there is need to do the same steps as when knitting sock cuff.

Eraser make the required length. It depends on the size of your hands and desires of men. Next 6-8 cm continue to knit the front embroidery. Although, right now, it is already possible to start drawing or pattern, using flowcharts. Knitting continue smoothly to the line of the thumb.

We proceed to the next step. It is necessary to leave the loop for knitting large fingers. Their number at vyvyazyvanii mittens for men is very simple to determine. It is equal to the number of loops on a spoke 1 minus 4 buttonholes. This amount is transferred to the bulavochku or a special needle, and for jumpers between the finger and palm gaining new loops. possible units for large fingers just take off on a thread of contrasting color.

Continue to knit mittens body panelselected patterns to the line of the little finger. Now comes the moment of registration of the toe mittens for men. Most often it is in the form of a triangle. On the 1st and 3rd needles Bates units at the beginning of the strip on the second and fourth - in the end. Do not forget that the first loop 1 and 3, and the remaining 2 and 4, provyazyvayut without subtraction. Then, at the ends of the Cape make beautiful chain. Continue knitting until the moment when every instrument will be at 2 buttonholes, they pull together and carefully fastened from the inside.
Getting vyvyazyvanie vyvyazyvayut finger thumb. Loops with additional threads or bulavochki transferred to a working tool. The second gain with the same number of jumpers.

Knit fingers similar to the main body. Four needles knit fabric of smaller diameter. Decrease also make a triangle from the middle of the nail. The second knit mittens for men in the mirror.

Tips for knitting mittens on two spokes

Many people prefer to knit needlewoman men
. In this case there are two options. In the first two sections separately vyvyazyvayut a mitten, and then neatly sewn seam inconspicuous. In the second embodiment everything it is somewhat more complicated. Therefore, to get a nice men's gloves, it is better to use step by step photos, and explore the appropriate workshop. If you are not afraid of difficulties, then even the first mittens can be attributed more complex pattern than garter stitch. To do this, you just need to choose the appropriate circuit patterns and vyvyazat control sample, not to be mistaken with the location of rapport.

If such options are not yet on the shoulder, then knitting will help to diversify:

  • Melange yarn;
  • multicolored stripes;
  • sectional yarn.

When experience is enough, any drawingor ornament will no longer a problem. In fact, mittens needles for men can be linked original form, with a nice set of first-line luxury yarn. And then it will be not just a warm thing, and trendy modern accent in his suit.

Video master class on knitting mittens

The video, which will help to get more knowledge of knitting mittens.

Selection schemes for knitting warm mittens