Modern home caches: where to store your treasures?

Modern home caches: where to store your treasures?

Many are faced with what is needed somewhere at hometo store the salary issued in an envelope, the jewels of a beloved grandmother, important documents certifying kinship with the royal family, compromising evidence on a neighbor and other valuable and intimate things. Of course, do not underestimate the modern apartment thieves, who have long known the most sophisticated caches of the house. The most correct solution will be to store valuables in a bank cell, and at home install a security system and secure locks on the door. But let's talk about some of the treasure house storage solutions. The most common and traditional approach to solving the problem is the installation of a safe. Again, any safe can be opened, it would be the time and skill of the burglar, but this way of storing valuables is still one of the most reliable. When choosing a safe, you need to pay attention to its main characteristics - the class of refractoriness and the class of burglar resistance. The heavier the safe, the more chances that it will not be carried out from the house under your arm. But with small safes is more difficult. Their fastening is a weak point, so even at the repair stage it is worthwhile to consider how and where to tighten the safe. If the repair is over for a long time, and putting a huge safe there is no desire, no place, no opportunity, then you can turn your eyes to the original places of storage of important things. hiding places at home


What are the chances that the robber will check everythingSockets in the house? Today, the market has a large selection of hiding places, disguised as ordinary rosettes. They open with a key and do not differ in any way from the real ones. It is important that all the outlets in the room are the same. You can also make a secret from the socket yourself, you need to unscrew the real outlet, disconnect it and put grandmother's diamonds or a bundle of dollars in a small hollow space. By the way, with this method you can even keep the socket working, but it's quite dangerous.


Some manufacturers offer a specialfurniture with built-in caches, which can be opened with a key or magnet. But there is a lot of such furniture. I really liked the way of storing small values ​​in interior doors or cabinet doors of good thickness. A drill with a round nozzle drills several holes in the upper part of the door, where the metal tubes are placed. You can get such a cache with a magnet. Again, an apartment thief who has little time, is unlikely to bounce or place a chair to inspect the top of every door in the house. The false panels to the shelves, the second bottom of the boxes, the hollow legs of the tables - all this can be done independently, but these methods of storage are most often searched for by thieves.


If you have a wall in your bathroom or kitchentiles, think about how to make a secret box behind one of them. Preferably higher, so that the possible difference with neighboring tiles is not striking. Basically, the difference will be seen at the joints (putty). It is desirable to arrange such caches at home during the repair.

Hide in a prominent place

Controversial, but sometimes very effective method. For example, hide the money in a plastic jar from under the cream, shower gel, tanning products, among other cosmetics belonging to the hostess. A good method is to hide money in women's pads (in individual packages). Values ​​can be hidden in the kitchen or in the refrigerator, in cans, bags, cereals, bottles, in pasta, flour, sugar and pelmeni in the freezer. Why not? On the materials: