Modern design of panel apartments: beautiful interiors inside the standard layout (39 photos)

Modern design of panel apartments: beautiful interiors inside the standard layout (39 photos)

When you bought or received an apartment in a panelthe house, the first step will usually be its repair and arrangement. Initially, many questions arise, for example: “Where to start work?”, “Which design to choose” or “How to make an apartment as functional and comfortable as possible?”. Fashionable design of an apartment in a panel house Bprefabricated house there are some restrictions. This means that in the brick version you can tear down the wall or disassemble part of it to combine the living room with the kitchen. In a prefabricated house, this is not always possible, and even if there are options, they must be conditionally documented, having received permission for restructuring in the relevant authorities. But do not despair, but it is better to consider simpler options, how you can achieve a beautiful and modern design in the apartment, which is located in a panel house. Content

General tips for the modern design of an apartment in a prefabricated house

Style Of course, you can choose a variety of stylesin the interior, which are used in apartments of prefabricated houses. But the most common options will be the direction of minimalism, country and ethnic style. The interior of the apartment in the style of minimalism. Herethe main rule will be to use as little massive furniture as possible, and the highlight is simplicity and a feeling of lightness in the atmosphere of the room. Cleaning It is recommended to collect all unnecessary things, as well as those that you rarely use, and just take them to the cottage or to the garage. Thus, you can perfectly unload the space. Hallway in a panel house In modern hallway designs often use small compact ottomans or bedside tables, sometimes a wardrobe or a hanger for storing outer clothing. There is also a shoe cabinet. These pieces of furniture are quite important, because then all your things will be ordered and systematized, and will not be scattered around the house. Beautiful small entrance hall in the bathroomprefabricated apartment Usually in prefabricated houses, the bathroom does not have a large square, so often it comes to the minds of residents to combine it. This is a great idea, but first you need to get permission, as well as consult on all issues with experienced people. If your planning option has such an opportunity, then you can safely start a repair, and get an excellent bath with a toilet in one combined room. You can issue them in various ways, taking into account current trends and ideas. Combined bathroom option Color designapartments in a panel house There are also many different nuances and they will depend only on what end result you want to achieve. If you want to visually expand the room - use light colors. Very often now they make a designer accent wall on which a picture can hang, stand a bed or hang a TV. In fact, there are many different ideas, so you can safely choose any. Room colorization Modern interior design with brightaccents Balcony and loggia If you have them - you are just lucky. And do not load them with all sorts of unnecessary things. The balcony in the panel house can be used as an additional room, where the work area, or a corner for relaxation, can easily be placed. Contrast loggia design

Design Secrets to Expand Space

Not always all residents are satisfied with the quadrature of their apartment. But, as they say, you need to proceed from what is. In fact, you can try a little and make the space of your apartment visually a bit larger. Here are some ideas on how to achieve this.

  • Color. If you make the end walls a little brighter than the side walls, you get an expansion effect. You can also play on the curtains, hanging brighter options than wallpaper. Such color contrasts perfectly play on the general atmosphere and perception of the room.
  • Furniture. Of course, light furniture will also play a role in shaping the modern design of the apartment. It will not clutter up the space and make it easier and more spacious. At the same time, if you use furniture in dark colors - you can play on accents and highlight one or another zone. Furniture in light colors of the interiorjust pick up the furniture itself and its color, and also make the right arrangement, given some rules and nuances. If you place massive furniture near the end wall - it will not look so voluminous and will unload the room.
  • Zoning. One of the favorite techniques in modern design, which allows you to conditionally divide the space into the zones you need, while using the most basic techniques. Zoning is very important in that it allows you to achieve a comfortable and convenient section of the room. All this can be achieved simply by using racks or bookcases, minimal partitions in the form of a bar or living plants. Room zoning principle
  • Arch. This option is often used in design, especially suitable for panel apartments where partitions cannot be demolished. Now the door can be beaten in the form of an arch, which will uniquely combine two rooms into one and betray a certain highlight to your interior. Arch in a panel house
  • The decor of the rooms. This is one of the final stages in the design of the apartment. It aims to achieve maximum comfort in the room in which you are. In modern designs, such additional objects can be a vase with flowers, a picture, a small rug and much more that brings peace and a sense of comfort.
  • Room decor with color schemes and paintings

    Modern design of apartments in prefabricated houses

    Each of the premises will require an individualapproach and interior. That is why it is worth approaching the issue responsibly and in detail to think over what and how you want to see in each of the rooms of a panel apartment. Bedroom In this room, one of the central issues will be the decision on the correct choice and placement of the bed. There are several options that you will need to think about, namely:

      • Purchase of a folding sofa. She will serve as a sofa, and a full double bed, which can save space in the room.

    Sofa in the bedroom

    • An ordinary bed, which will take up more space, but will be a full bed for two people. An ordinary bed in the interior of the room
    • You can purchase a transformer option. In the afternoon, it will look like an ordinary locker, and in the evening it will turn into a real bed.

    Practical transformer bed In modern bedroom designs often use additional accessories in the form of wall paintings, beautiful curtains and unusual floor lamps. Kitchen Usually in prefabricated houses, the kitchen is not particularlyIt features a large quadrature and ample space. Therefore, our task will be to make it as large as possible. If the kitchen has a balcony - they can be combined into one room, while making a working area in the kitchen itself, and put a dining table on the balcony. In terms of design, they can be distinguished as separate parts of zoning, or combined into one complete idea. Modern kitchen in a panel house Another option- This is a combination of kitchen and living room. This is often done, but you need to coordinate with the masters whether this is possible for your apartment. If this is not a load-bearing wall and it can be demolished - feel free to combine these two rooms. Then it will be not only modern and beautiful, but also quite practical. Bath and toilet They can be viewed separately, or also combined into one space. Depending on the option, similarly arrange in the desired style. Very often they use a variant of the classic, modern or oriental style. Design of combined bath and toiletroom Here you will especially need to try, because this is exactly the room in which children spend almost all their free time. It should be functional, spacious, moderately colorful and vibrant. In terms of decorating walls, it is best to use washable wallpaper, because you need to consider that children are constantly worn and can contaminate them. Children's room in a pirate style Children's roomin a modern style, often decorated with themed designs. It can be a pirate’s room, sports, or in the form of a spaceship. Therefore, items such as a chest or a suitcase can be an excellent accessory not only for design, but also for storing things. Hallway Making this part of the apartment, it is worth remembering that it is a kind of business card of your home. In panel houses, the main problem of the hallways is not enough space. That is why it is recommended to use as little furniture as possible, but at the same time so that it is as functional as possible. The beautiful interior of the entrance hall is perfecta small dresser or shoe cabinet. Instead of a bulky wardrobe, you can get by with a small hanger, where you can hang guests' outer clothing. Living room This is the place where you can relax and unwind after a hard day's work, watch TV or sit by the fireplace. Unusual design of a living room in a panel houseThe problem place of panel apartments and the living room in particular is its elongation. In connection with this nuance, sometimes the question arises, how to properly arrange it so that you can be comfortable. A great way out of the situation is to combine it with the kitchen. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!