Modular Rack Designer: 10 Ideas

Modular Rack Designer: 10 Ideas

The idea of ​​modular prefabricated racks and walls,Which the user can add to any constructions without help and change them on their own - is not new at all, but is still relevant. The very concept of "modular", that is, consisting of separate modules, implies the ability to play with the design of furniture as if it were a designer. The simplest and most accessible variant of the design rack is the square (rectangular) boxes or boxes placed on each other in an arbitrary order. A fairly common option is to use boxes with shapes reminiscent of the children's game Tetris. Let's look at some ideas of the simplest, self-made versions of the modular shelving, as well as interesting and unusual design solutions.

Shelf constructor from drawers by hand

Rack designer with their own hands To make such a modular rack, you will need a minimum of materials:

  • Plywood boxes or cardboard boxes of different sizes;
  • Large binders (clips for papers).

Modular shelving unit with own hands Place boxes on top of each other in any order and fasten with clamps. In this example, IKEA storage boxes were used. Binder for shelvingInstead of clerical binders, you can useDifferent metal or plastic clips and connectors. The main condition is the ability to easily remove and rearrange them if there is a desire or need to change the design of the modular rack. In expensive design models, boxes made of precious wood or metal are used. But the principle of the designer remains the same.

Modular shelving constructor Seletti's creative modular shelving Modular shelving designer Cubit

Modular shelving constructor from cardboard with their own hands

Cardboard - universal, cheap and ecoFriendly material for furniture production. The density and reliability of folded together several sheets of corrugated cardboard practically not inferior to a tree. Designer Dany Gilles from France (Dany Gilles) suggested an interesting way how to make a modular rack designer with his own hands made of cardboard. Modular shelving unit with own hands To make just such a modular cardboard rack, prepare:

  • Sheets of corrugated cardboard or boxes from household appliances;
  • Scissors or a stationery knife.

Interestingly, this model does not provide forThere is no special way of fixing modules among themselves. The rack resembles a designer or a puzzle piece, individual elements are held together by means of notches and projections. The figure below shows what shape and how much you need to cut out the parts from the cardboard, as well as the order and scheme of assembling the parts into one module. Scheme how to make a rack designer with his own hands from cardboard Cardboard rack designer own hands But the variant is simpler - the figures cut from corrugated cardboard are glued together into one block. From the resulting modules you can build any piece of furniture - from the rack to the chair.

Cardboard module shelvingDesigner creative racks designers

Industrial designers experiment with formsAnd design, embody a wide variety of ideas and fantasies, as a result of which the user can purchase original modular shelving and independently create from blocks his own unique piece of furniture. Konnex Shelving Designer German designer Florian Gross (Florian Gross)Came up with a fairly simple design of the rack, which nevertheless leaves the end-user with space for creativity and many options for the final appearance of the shelves. Konnex modular assembly shelving Konnex's separate rack moduleA wooden box with slots on the sides, with which the blocks are connected together in a wide variety of combinations. Three sizes of blocks allow you to create a unique designer and harmoniously fit the shelving in the interior of the house or office. Modular shelving Konnex Konnex racks Italian Giorgio Caporaso (Giorgio Caporaso)Became the ideological mastermind of the original system of modular shelves, which can take any form and even change color. Designers have provided the possibility of changing the front panels to color ones, so that the user can change the classic wooden texture to a bright explosion of abstract patterns at any time. Shelf module by Giorgio Caporaso Modular shelving designer Giorgio Caporaso Shelving designer Giorgio CaporasoModular storage system Boox created ChineseIndustrial designers Han Li (Han Li) and Yan Hu (Yan Hu). Shelf designer is a simple piece of furniture without any special design delicacies and original details. Simplicity, accessibility and dynamics, according to the authors, are the main qualities of the modular wall. Modular wall Boox The basis of the rack is a large box-frame,One of the simplest forms in the manufacture of cabinets. In addition, it is easy to assemble this base by yourself. All this leads to low cost of the finished product. As separate elements of the design are the closable boxes (open boxes, cardboard boxes). The concept is very simple - the user puts boxes in a large frame so that the distances between them form open shelves and niches. Depending on the number and size of individual blocks, you can change the overall design of the rack and customize it for stored things. Shelving designer Boox As a rule, individual modules of prefabricated furnitureAre presented in the form of a cube or a parallelepiped. But not only straight angles can form stable and reliable furniture. Modular system Build German designers Godfrey Wood (Godfrey Wood) and Tom Balhatchet (Tom Ballhatchet) are separate blocks of irregular shape. Rack - constructor Build Blocks can be used separately as night tablesOr wall shelves, and can also be combined into a single rack, standing on the floor. Folding the whole structure will not be as easy as with rectangular details. The user is offered to show logical thinking and the ability to add puzzles. Shelving - constructor Build from Movisi Shelf Designer Build Today, printing on a 3D printer is gettingMore accessible and quickly gaining popularity. The SuperMod Stacker of the Simplus Design studio consists of separate blocks printed on a 3D printer. 3D innet shelf designer Modular shelving designer SuperMod on a 3D printer Modern modular walls and racks will becomeFunctional decor of any interior, take a look at The undeniable advantage of prefabricated structures is in mobility and design flexibility. And if you started a repair in the house and decided to change furniture, we recommend to abandon the cumbersome whole furniture and to choose the original racks-designers.