Money tree with own hands of beads and coins (video)

Money tree with own hands of beads and coins (video)


Crafts from beads are always fascinating and giveA special charm to the room in which they are located. A lot of colors and shades allow you to accurately convey all the colors of real colors, plants and trees. Plus such handicrafts are that they can please the eye for as long as they want, do not require any care and just look beautiful in any interior. The glitter of small beads makes beadwork a real precious gift, which is not a shame to present even to the status and sophisticated of this world.
In this article we will try to describe the mainStages of making such a popular souvenir, like a money tree. Surely, you had to meet such trees in souvenir shops. They are large and small, in pots and on stands, made of coins and supplemented with green foliage.

The Legend of the Money Tree

The money tree or, in the common people,This is a real prototype of the money tree known to all the followers of the Feng Shui philosophy of money tree with coins instead of leaves. Such a plant is not uncommon on the windowsills of many inhabitants of the middle belt. The reason for such popularity is the widespread opinion that this plant is able to attract wealth to the house. It's not finicky, but still, it requires some care and careful attitude. Therefore, many of us prefer to install a souvenir analogue of a live money tree at home.

According to the ancient Chinese legend, once upon a timeThere was a tree. On it, instead of leaves and fruits, gold coins. It was believed that if you shake this tree, it will rain gold coins in your garden. The tree has long disappeared from the face of the earth, probably because of the large number of people wishing to get rich quickly. But people all over the world began to decorate their homes with artificial trees with coins on branches.
We, too, will not betray custom and will tryMake a small souvenir that brings wealth and luck to the house. In addition, making a money tree with your own hands is not so difficult. Here you will find a master class with detailed step-by-step photos and even video lessons. We will try to describe in as much detail each stage of the creation of this cute craft in beading technique with a special meaning. And to gain inspiration, you can look at the money tree, a photo of which is posted on the Internet in sufficient quantity.

Materials and tools

Before starting our master class, you must take care of the availability of all the necessary materials to create crafts. In order to make a small money tree from beads we will need:

  • Beads. You can take the beads of the same color. But if fantasy allows you, you can choose several shades of the same color to create the effect of naturalness of our leaflets. Also, prepare a little gold bead to decorate the trunk in the technique of beading;
  • Wire. Stock up with a thin wire to create leaves and small twigs, as well as a thick wire to form a tree trunk and large branches. There is a special wire for beadwork. It is very thin, but at the same time, flexible and elastic. It will suit you perfectly;
  • Ordinary or Chinese coins. If you decide to decorate your tree with ordinary coins, take care of how you will make holes for them in the wire. It is best to use Chinese coins that are already with holes. Such money and look will be more believable;
  • The glue gun. If you do not have the opportunity to drill holes in coins, you can simply glue them to the wire;
  • A special mixture for fixing the tree and creating a foundation. To do this, mix the building plaster and PVA glue in equal proportions;
  • If you decide to "plant" your money tree in a pot, then prepare a suitable pot and clay to fix the tree;
  • Gouache for painting the trunk of a tree and a brush.
  • Say a few words about the main material for ourSouvenirs - beads. Before you buy it, take a closer look, as far as possible. It is desirable, that in a bag with beads there were no broken beads, and also beads without an aperture. It is better to visit special shops for needlework. There you can buy all the necessary materials for beadwork.

    Scourge leaves

    When everything is at hand, you can proceedTo work and create a money tree from beads. Just say that beadwork is a long process and requires increased attention and concentration. Over time, you can appreciate this noble kind of needlework, because it perfectly calms and develops attention and imagination.
    Let's start creating a money tree. Our master class we will begin with weaving of leaves. To do this, take a piece of thin wire 40 cm long. We string 13 beads on it and form a loop, retreating from the edge approximately 6 - 8 cm. Twisting the wire at the base several times. And thread on the remaining long segment of another 13 beads. Again, make a loop and again twist. We continue this way until five such loops are formed on a piece of wire. Press them so that they are close to each other.
    So we got one twig of the future money tree. In total, about 90 such branches will be needed to create a souvenir. So be patient.

    Tip: If you decide to use several shades of green, then it is better to mix them in a small container before you start work and string in random order. As a result, we get the overflow effect on the leaves of the money tree.
    To better understand the procedure at this stage, watch a video on this topic.
    After you have done the necessary amountA branch. It is necessary to form bundles. This is necessary in order for the ready monetary tree to look more sumptuous and violent. So, we take three twigs formed by us and twist the free ends of the wire into one bundle.
    Thus, we get about 30 beams. At this stage it is quite appropriate to show imagination. You can leave a few twigs "lonely" to later place them on a tree in the middle of the bundles. You can add a few golden twigs that will blend in with the gold coins.

    On this master class of forming the deciduous part of the tree is over, and we can start creating petals and the trunk of our craft.
    Make money petals When the green leavesReady, you need to make twigs with petals-coins. To do this, pass a thin wire into the hole in the coin and twist the tourniquet. Make about 10-15 of these branches. Another option for making such petals is to stick the prepared coins to the end of the wire loop using an adhesive gun.

    The trunk of a money tree

    Schematic drawing of the trunk of moneyTree master the barrel making class for our mascot will occur in two stages. On the first, we will make a wireframe of thick wire, and on the second - do, directly the trunk of the gypsum-glue mixture.
    To make a framework for a future tree,Take a thick wire with a diameter of 1 - 1.2 mm. Make the main line of the future tree and start tying the twigs. To do this, use the remnants of a thin wire. With it, attach branches to the trunk, winding them. In order for the structure to be more stable it is possible to arrange a long piece of wire at the base of the barrel. Attach several pieces of wire to it. The base of the tree should resemble the roots. As an example, you can use the proposed scheme. On it, brown lines depict the location of a thick wire, and red - thin. But remember that this is only a schematic sketch. Let your imagination choose the right location and direction of the branches.
    Now that the frame is ready, proceed to theFurther processing of the trunk of the money tree. First you need to prepare a gypsum-glue mixture. To do this, take 1 tablespoon of building gypsum (it is sold in stores of building materials, and can also be on sale stores for artists) and 1 tablespoon of PVA glue and mix well. Do not cook a lot of mixture at once, because it can wither and become unsuitable for work.
    We proceed directly to the design of the trunkTree. Put your wire frame on a plate or stand. Fill with the mixture the base of the frame, your "roots". Continue to apply the mixture to the trunk and branches, creating an uneven surface. Subsequently, these irregularities will create the necessary texture. Apply the mixture to the entire frame and allow it to dry completely. To speed up the drying of the craft, you can put it on the sun or hot battery.
    If you decide to put your tree in a pot, pour your mixture directly into it, fixing the trunk in the middle with plasticine.

    At this master class of creation of the trunk of the souvenir is over, and we will start the most important and fascinating process - the design of the tree.

    Decoration of a tree

    From this moment begins the most fascinatingMaster class stage. We are proceeding to the final formation of our craft. If you believe in the power of Feng Shui philosophy, then try to channel your energy into the right direction and concentrate your thoughts on your goal.
    Take the green sprigs you have harvested andMonetary petals. Start chaotically attaching them to the tree trunk, surrounding the loose edges of the wire around the trunk or branch. Arrange all the leaves as you like. Then, in the same way, fasten the wire with the coins. Money should, as it were, hanging from the branches.

    When all the branches were in their places. Proceed to painting the trunk. Use a gouache and a medium-sized brush for this. The base of the tree can be painted under the color of the grass, or make of it an improvised rock. Both options will look great.
    Wait until the paint dries, and glue on the trunk of a few gold beads. Then cover the craft with varnish to give a glossy luster.
    We hope that our master class will help you learn how to make this beautiful souvenir. And if you have any questions, please watch the video tutorials on creating such crafts.
    After the varnish has completely dried, you canConsider a money tree in beading technique ready. You can safely give it to friends or relatives with best wishes. Or you can put it in your house. But in this case, try to choose the right place for him.

    Where to put the money tree

    Money tree is not a simple souvenir. This is a thing that we endow with a special meaning. So, the place for him, too, must be special.
    According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the money tree is betterAll located in the south-eastern part of the apartment. Lead here, according to the adherents of this philosophy, is a zone of wealth. Well, if the talisman will be in the hallway. So he can open the way to the house for cash flows. To enhance the effect, it is better to put a money tree of coins or beads on a large denomination banknote.
    But the most important condition for the action of this magic talisman will be the love and positive energy of its creator. Remember this and create with pleasure!

    Video: a money tree plaid of beads