Monochrome cross-stitch and black-beakwork (photo)

Monochrome cross-stitch and black-beakwork (photo)


Monochrome embroidery came to us from antiquity. The most popular contour, as well as monochrome embroidery was in the Middle Ages.
A distinctive feature of this style from otherIt should be considered that only one particular color is used to create a picture, in view of it, other shades can also be used, making the work black and white.
In order to select a specific colorPalette must be added to the existing base color black, as well as white. It turns out that the master has the colors that differ slightly from each other in certain tones. Due to the fact that white and black can be mixed with different shades, the created palette can leave quite an unusual and original.

Variety of monochrome

Blackworld If you mention the monochrome embroidery,Then it should be mentioned about its diversity, among which there is a so-called contour embroidery, as well as monochrome embroidery crosses and Blackwark. A separate style is unique in its own way, but regardless of this, to create any picture you need to have a suitable black and white scheme.
The view that monochrome embroidery is veryBoring mistaken, because this is a unique and unique creation of the cross, which will undoubtedly find its admirers. So, I would like to talk in more detail about the types of embroidery, before going to the master class. Contour embroidery - embroidery of a monochrome type, based on a combination of white and black colors, often a similar creation is created on a white canvas with a black thread.
Contour embroidery can be executed as"Countable cross", it does not completely create, for example, a person or an animal, but only outlines outlines, even in spite of this, everyone understands what was being said. Looking at a similar masterpiece, there is a certain understatement, intrigue.

"Sashiko" Blackburn embroidery is done "backNeedle ", but not a cross, for its creation a white canvas and black threads are used. Regular stitches must be superimposed in rows and, as a result, symmetrical counting patterns are obtained. Also, if desired, this type of embroidery can be used and crosses, but they should be as small as possible, because in general, the preference is given to them when creating a color fill.
Sashiko - monochrome embroidery, which wasInvented by peasants in China. In order to decorate their lives, they embroidered their clothes with various ornaments to at least look a little like richly dressed noble persons. Since the peasants were allowed to use only blue colors, Sashiko also had a white-blue color. With the passage of time, scarlet, brown threads were added to it, black and white sadness disappeared.
In the row are located at this embroidery smallStitches "forward with a needle". Thanks to an interesting interlacing, a huge variety of patterns is created. Traditionally, Sashiko is an original and unique decoration for quilted things, besides this style will become exclusive for napkins, curtains, tablecloths.

Portrait skill of embroidery

Not less original gift is considered a portrait, blackbread embroidered in the style of monochrome. To create such a masterpiece, you must first choose a sufficiently high quality floss, canvas.

Ideally, to create a portrait you need to use at least 4-5 shades, but you should embroider such a masterpiece solely with a cross or a semicircle.
There is a huge variety of similar embroideryMonochrome, rather original and beautiful will look silhouette embroidery with the image, for example, girls with a cup of coffee cross. Monochrome of this performance will emphasize the sophistication of any room.
What is the inconsistency and specialThe attraction of monochrome embroidery? First of all, we should mention its rapid creation. In one evening you can create a contour monochrome picture and make people happy with it.
Monochrome embroidery is preferred by needlewomen,Who spend little time on their favorite hobby. In addition, to create such a masterpiece, you do not need to spend a lot of money choosing appropriate color combinations, as well as monochrome painting will act as an excellent gift that can bring addition and originality to any interior.
Despite the routine, monochrome painting orBlackwark is able to help in creating rather complicated drawings, thanks to which original laces and ornaments are obtained. To achieve spectacular depth can be due to the use of different thicknesses of threads.

Master class for creating embroidery for a pillow

  • Before embroidering, it is necessary to trim or glue the frayed edges of the canvas with glue so that the threads do not fall off during work;
  • We take the embroidery frame and attach them carefully to the canvas. It is important to consider that embroidering is necessary only according to the scheme, an extra or missing cross can very distort the created pattern;
  • The figure should be embroidered with a simple counting cross, it is allowed to do them in any convenient position, both from the bottom up and from the top down;

  • The thread must be secured from the wrong side andOutput on the front to the left side of the cell on the canvas. Next, make a diagonal stitch and pull it to the wrong side. Next, it is important to make a puncture in the lower corner and finish the cross in the left upper corner. It is important to note that crosses should lie in the same direction and be even, threads should not be pulled excessively;
  • If the scheme has large fragments, then it is recommended to embroider them with a cross or half-crosses, moving in the same interval;
  • After the pillow is embroidered it must be spread with soap in warm water and thoroughly dried with a towel.
  • Monochrome "Tree of Love"

    Now I would like to go into more detailOn how to create a contour embroidery monochrome. As an example, a work called "The Tree of Love" is taken. Original in it and unique is the self-made substrate, which complements and saturates the picture with love and additional mystery, because it shines through the canvas, creating a unique effect.
    So, the scheme is taken monochrome and the work beginsCross, which must be done from the top down, initially embroidering the branches of the tree and smoothly descending down, creating the unique contour silhouettes of the two lovers. At the end of the work, the tree needs to be sewn with ribbons and beads, creating beautiful and delicate flowers with overflows on it.

    Next, we begin to create a framework. To do this, you need to take a newspaper and make thin slices from it, gently glue them together, paint them in the right color.
    After this, we will continue the master class asIt is necessary to draw an original substrate, which will be inserted from the back of the picture. Stock up with gouache and draw beautiful tall grass, climbing plants, flowers. It is important to observe thematicity, excluding discrepancy and then embroidery blackbird embroidery will be stunning!
    And in the end, the resulting picture should be framed in a frame with a substrate. Such an original masterpiece-Blackworque will be an exceptional gift for the day of lovers or for a wedding.

    Video: Blackwark Embroidery