The most original fashion haircuts for short hair for women 2015-2016.

The most original fashion haircuts for short hair for women 2015-2016.

Secrets for women. How to be fashionable with a short haircut in 2016 As we could see, the spring-summer 2015 season was rich in all sorts of short female haircuts. And this trend continues to be present in the fashion world, modifying the forms somewhat and giving a touch of easy audacity to the usual elegant hairstyles. In the trend, as before, there are such fashionable hairstyles for short hair, like a short bean or pixie, a square and a cascade. Stylists also advise women and girls, if possible, to open their ears, preferring buns to one side and shaved temples. Fashionable short haircuts 2016. Photo №1 As for specific innovations of the winter season2016, world couturiers offer combining in the hair of the opposite, clear with scatter, asymmetry and even lines. Actually, in this publication, we'll talk about the most relevant haircuts on short hair that will suit women of different age categories and who can choose for themselves in the new season of 2016. Playfulness and insolence in the hairdo "pixy" In the world of hairstyles, the leader remains the original female hairdo piksi. Despite the fact that this is a fairly short haircut, it is often suitable for many women at different ages. With such a haircut equally cute young girls and ladies at a fairly respectable age can look. Let's admit, not all women can agree with such "boyish" mischievous appearance. On the other hand, it is the laconism and freshness of such hairstyles that can give a woman the playfulness of youth. Pay attention, how can look daring pixies on ladies at a respectable age. Fashion short haircuts 2016. Photo number 2 As for the strict businesswomen, many of themwill agree with that, a little careless laying on a haircut of a pixie, or even completely smooth, beautifully combined with business suits and really suitable for their lifestyle. Among the business ladies today we can see a large number of women who prefer this kind of hair. Fashion short haircuts 2016. Picture №3 It should be noted that pixies are well suited forRepresentatives of the weak half of humanity with an oval or round face. Age does not play a decisive role here. If your face is more square or heart-shaped, stylists suggest using a pixie in combination with a bob on its side, which will reach the earlobe. In addition, this hair looks equally good, both on thin straight hair, and on thick or curly locks. "Garson" - for the most romantic and dreamy Women's actual short haircuts 2016 in addition to playfulness and daring also suggest femininity and light dreaminess, romanticism, sensitivity, if you want. Nevertheless, those who are going to choose such a hairdo, it should be understood that it is quite close to the surface of the head and is carried out as if along one line. Unlike garzona, for understanding, the pixy is cut in the form of feathers of different lengths. Nevertheless, it is the ganson that is very suitable for many women. This hairstyle perfectly highlights the eyes and mouth of the lady. Here it is worthwhile to understand that the make-up must be flawless. In this case, the ganson implies an open neck. So, ideally, such a haircut will look on pretty fragile women. Fashion short haircuts 2016. Picture №4 Those who choose the ganson should not forget aboutthat such a hairdress looks very attractive with a beautiful original painting. Bright and unusual colors will be appropriate here, for example, even pink combined with purple. By the New Year holidays, the mottled shades of orange, red, crimson and screaming red flowers will become very important. As already mentioned above, in this season it is necessary to combine opposites. That is, with a fairly elegant hairstyle you can choose the most daring colors for painting with an unimaginable combination of them. The hairstyle is also distinguished by an interesting shorn bangs. It can be done, as a rare, and dense, straight or sideways, even asymmetric. For example, slender girls with neat features will approach straight and slanting bangs. If you have a rather high forehead, you can choose a straight bang to the eyebrow level or lower. If the face is stretched, you should choose short bangs. In the following images, you will see how well a modern actual gaunson can look. Elegant "Bob" does not leave the fashion podium Among the many variations of pixies and garls unbeaten in the coming season there is still a well-known bean. Appearing a century ago, the bean steals steadily on the catwalks, still not going out of fashion. At the present time, this haircut is again in a trend, but to its usual appearance the stylists suggest giving more splendor and disenchantment. Just like garson, you can use different bangs depending on the individual characteristics of your appearance or your preferences. In this case, leading hairdressers offer to do more graded haircuts. Especially actual promises to be a bean with an elongated bang and torn strands. This image can use the most shocking ladies and extraordinary extravagant personalities. Fashion short haircuts 2016. Photo №5

Fashionable styling on women's short haircuts in the new fashion season

Now I would like to talk about the most relevantnuances that will be fashionable in the upcoming season. Whichever hairstyle you choose, image makers advise you preferably to make your choice of haircuts with lateral buns. Any short haircut with a bang, which will be much longer than the haircut itself, will look stylish and fashionable. Fashion short haircuts 2016. Photo №6 The second feature of hairstyles on short hairshould be open ears. Naturally, not everyone can approach this state of affairs, but if possible, it is desirable to use this element. As an option, when doing styling, you can open the eye on one side of the head, or show both ears. In this sense it is important to use beautiful accessories in the form of massive earrings. In the trend, they promise to have products with leather inserts for "metallic". This trend, of course, concerns the choice of jewelry for the ears. Fashionable short haircuts 2016. Photo №7 A fashionable accent for any short and long hairstyleThe new season continues to be shaved whiskey. Not all ladies are ready to take such extreme measures. But for courageous and unordinary girls this option will be extremely appropriate. At this time, no one is interested in elegant or strict hairstyles. Today, in the trend, creativity, extravagance, insolence combined with sensitivity and sexuality. On this option of haircuts, special attention should be paid also to girls who prefer informal style. On the shaved parts of the head, even tattoos or shaved figures are welcome. You can also shave and the back of the head. Fashionable short haircuts 2016. Photo №8 In the trend will be playful disenchantment. Such hairstyles always look cheerful, romantic and fresh. At the same time, one should not think that light negligence will suit only young girls. This trend will be very appropriate in hairstyles even for elderly ladies. Fashion short haircuts 2016. Photo №9 Many women will like what's in fashionunusual hair colors. If you are pretty brave, you can definitely choose a bright pink color or even blue. The fashionable autumn-winter season 2015-2016 this implies as not appropriate. Fashion short haircuts 2016. Picture №10 Another highlight of your hair can bemultilayer. Here it is meant that short strands can be combined with long ones. A haircut in several layers will be very beneficial to look at almost any styling. Fashion short haircuts 2016. Photo №11 Actually, in conclusion, we can say thatThe coming season will be characterized by a riot of colors, ambiguity, playfulness and audacity in everything that relates to your hairstyle. Do not be afraid to experiment, to fantasize. Creative is the most important trend of the 2016 season. Combine incongruous, use a maximum of accessories, apply false strands, tattoos and bright colors, and then nothing will prevent you from being the most fashionable and having a stunning appearance! Be the most compelling and unusual in the new year 2016!