Mixing motifs when crocheting with pico.

Mixing motifs when crocheting with pico.

Squares and other figures, at the edges of whichare made "pico", can be connected along the edges for the tips of "pico". (What is a pico and how to crochet it in this one). To connect the motives, do the following. Bind the first square completely, then attach it to the second square as follows:

  • Tie the last circular row of the second square to the third corner with Pico.
  • Next, do half the chain "pico" (for example, if you want to perform five loops, tie two).
  • Then enter the hook from the back side through the center of the corresponding Pico first square,
  • tie a loop, then tie the remaining loops (in this case - two loops) and finish Pico.
  • In the same way, tie all Pico on this side of the square, finish the second square.
  • Subsequent squares can be attached, in the same way for one or more parties as you complete them
  • Figures having an edge in the form of an arc from a chain can be connected to each other in a similar manner by means of a connector. loops in the center.

Mixing motifs in crochetMixing motifs in crochet Figures can also be connected to the toppart of a pair of corresponding loops. Close the loop on the last circle of the second figure and make a sliding loop at the top of the corresponding figure. Loops from the first figure before continuing.