Crochet motifs to fill the space

Crochet motifs to fill the space

Crochet motifs to fill and connect motifsCrochet can be used for the main pattern or for filling the space. In order to fill the space, mini crochet motifs are used. Today, we will study just such a crochet motif that can be used when filling a space. What is the difference between the usual crochet motifs from the one that we perform today! Everything is very simple, the motive being studied today is very small in diameter. This motif can be compared to a small star, which is crocheted. Rays that are directed in different directions and of different lengths can fill the gap in some connections of circular motifs. In the next lesson we will consider an example of the application of one of the motives already discussed and the one that we will consider now.

Crochet motifs

So, now we will consider the motive thatIt is difficult to definitely relate it in shape to a round crochet motif or to a crochet square motif. Based on the fact that its greatest application would be advisable all the same with round motifs - we assign it to the group. Getting started! 1. First crochet loop 2. Four 3. from air loops to a circle using a connecting column 4. First row. One air 5. Eight in the center of the circle formed from the chain 6. End the first row with the help of the top of the first column. 7. Second row. Five air loops 8. The single crochet into the loop following the one from which the lifting loops are raised. 9. Four air loops and fix it with a column without crochet into the next loop of the previous row ten. Alternating the chains of five and four air loops fixed with single crochets, we fill the whole circle. We close the connecting column in the first air loop. As a result, we get 8 arches. 11. The third row. Three columns without nakida (we do NOT lift the air loop) 12. Three air loops 13. Three posts without crotch in the arch 14. Two columns without crochet into the adjacent arch 15. Three air loops 16. Two columns without nakid in the same arch 17 Thus, alternating in each arch of the four air loops we perform two columns without a nakida, three air loops, two columns without a nakida. And in each arch of the five air loops perform three columns without nakida, three air loops, three columns without nakida. So we move to the last arch and close the connecting column with the top of the first column without nakida 18. Make an air loop, cut the thread, pull it out of the loop and hide it. Our mini motive is ready These motifs can also be used as independent ones. If you do them in several matching colors and carefully group them together, you can have a wonderful summer top! As I have already said, in the next lesson you and I will consider the application of this motive in practice using another round crochet motif. Do not miss!!! ? Lesson: "" Subscribe to the MOTIVES crochet Your e-mail: * Your name: * Share in social. networks Publish to LiveJournal</a> Navigation by records

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  • Tanya: Comment text.You have great lessons. I would be very grateful for more complex patterns as, for example, from the Duplet magazines, their explanations are not clear on the topic of openwork triangles for example. Thank you very much for your lessons.
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