Mysterious and masterpiece modernist style in the interior

Mysterious and masterpiece modernist style in the interior

Modern ("moderne" in translation from the French-Modern) in beauty, elegance and sophisticated decoration is not inferior to any of the most famous styles. It appeared relatively recently, at the end of the 19th century, and replaced popular eclecticism at that time. And the main features of modernity were natural plant motifs in the interior and architecture of buildings, the smoothness of lines, the use of innovative technologies, objects of decorative and applied arts in the decoration of the premises. Modernity was born under the influence of works of art of the most mysterious and mysterious ancient cultures and civilizations. Its formation was influenced by the elegant beauty of Japan, complex ornaments of Ancient Egypt and other cultures. Another distinctive feature of the Art Nouveau style is its functionality. With all the external beauty of the interiors and the abundance of decor, each object performs a certain function. Be it a decorative design or artistically decorated pillars. In the interior there is asymmetry, flexible smooth lines, multi-level surfaces, elegant forms. Modern is difficult to confuse with any other style or direction of interior design. He is unique, extraordinary, fascinating and mysterious. Therefore, the main differences and the basic elements inherent only in this style, he has several:

  • The color palette consists of dark colors, play of contrasting colors is allowed
  • Smooth elegant ornate lines are seen in architecture, interior, furniture, decoration
  • In the interior of the premises there are materialsOnly of natural origin: valuable wood, natural stone, glass, metal, forged products, genuine leather, expensive fabrics, fur and others.
  • Moderate lighting (soft diffused light, floor lamps, lamps)
  • Absence of walls, open planning, different types of zoning, mobile partitions
  • Massive accessories, decorative figuresAnimals, mosaic, stained-glass windows, applied art, bright decor, homemade decorations, fantastic drawings and patterns on surfaces, floral motifs in the interior
  • Artificially aged furniture, surfaces

Bedroom in an Art Nouveau apartment On the example of the design project of elite KievApartment, you can see one of the modern interpretations of the modernist style in the interior. The original design idea successfully combined the aesthetic appeal and functional layout of a fairly spacious room. Natural materials in the decoration of the room emphasize the subtle beauty of the interior, with a subtle hint of luxury, elitism, prosperity and the high status of the owners of the apartment. Interior living room in the Art Nouveau style Particular attention is drawn to the kitchen, whichThanks to a successful layout, seamlessly combined with the dining area and living room. The laconic interior and moderate decor favorably emphasize the simplicity and elegance of designer furniture custom-made for this project. At one of the best furniture factories the kitchen was custom-made according to an individual design project. Thanks to this, the furniture so harmoniously blended into the overall atmosphere. The sophistication of the interior in the Art Nouveau style has successfully highlighted the color scheme in noble gray, brown and light beige tones. Kitchen production factory Smiela in Art Nouveau style Interior dining area in the Art Nouveau styleInterior living room in the Art Nouveau styleBedroom in an Art Nouveau apartmentBedroom interior in modern styleBedroom interior in modern styleBedroom interior in modern styleInterior corridor in the Art Nouveau styleInterior corridor in the Art Nouveau styleInterior corridor in the Art Nouveau styleBathroom interior in modern style Based on the materials of the furniture factory