Necklace of beads: the lessons of weaving their own hands (photo and video)

Necklace of beads: the lessons of weaving their own hands (photo and video)


No one could not have imagined what a couple of years agoincredibly cool and trendy decorations can be made from most conventional beads. Jewellery and beaded jewelry - it is a whole new trend in beading. Tat all: earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches. From the variety of models and colors dizzy. In the photo presented a necklace of beads and stones in the old style.

In the event that you are seriously carried away with craftsbead, but can not find them practical application. That jewelry is always useful. They can weave a dress or to the case as a gift or to the exhibition. Or you can open your mini-shop selling bracelets and necklaces of beads by hand.
Any ideas? Then now is the appropriate time for their implementation. Presenting your attention in this article, several workshops on beading necklaces of different styles and shapes. Each girl will be able to make such a cute trinkets with his hands, with an overview of the implementation of the schemes and techniques.

Variety beaded necklace

What will suit necklace depends on various factors. But there are a few basic styles, which most often are made from beads necklace.

Volume necklace with flowers. The number and size of the flowers is different. If all elements of necklaces made in one color, usually present in such a large necklace flower, it looks stylish and strictly. In that case (as pictured), if necklace woven greens and a variety of bright colors, it's more like a bright summer wreath. The style of this necklace is likely to come to a monochromatic light dresses in pastel colors or a simple costume of the summer loose-fitting fabric. This work belongs to a class of high complexity. To create the required detailed diagrams with description: weaving schemes of different elements and compounds of scheme them together.

Another popular kind of necklace, woven with their own hands, it is a different kind of openwork or lace necklace. In this form there is a truly unique bead designs.
This light and gentle option, as in the photo,perfectly complement the wedding dress of any bride in a solemn wedding day. This necklace is very easy to make, there are many options for weaving. In this case, the base color - white, but may be blotches and other colors, which help to maintain the overall style of the holiday.
If you are passionate about is not beading, and embroidery,this necklace is for you. Founded in distinctive eclectic style, it will complement any historical outfit or will reflect your unique style. And it also made from beads, using only the embroidery. The use in the manufacture of the old schemes and patterns, allows decorations look very original.

Volume wicker necklace especially fashionable in thisseason. It allows the neck to look more elegant. The most attractive in this necklace of beads is that it can make even a child. The main thing is to show the accuracy and patience. Even without any clear schemes of how to make a necklace, and if you have never engaged in beading, it may be your first experience.

Selection schemes for weaving a necklace of beads

Delicate necklace-vozdushki

For weaving of light and air, our necklacemaster class will use the little beads and beads. Moreover, the material may be of the same color, and all possible colors. You can use of all the remnants of beads, which you do not know where to apply. This openwork beaded necklaces and beads is suitable for a young girl. But the skill level is needed very early, because it is very easy to weave.
You will need:

  • Clasp for necklace;
  • beads and beads;
  • fishing line, crochet hook;
  • pliers;
  • scissors;
  • bulavochki;
  • line or centimeter.

Step 1. Strung beads and beads, you can add colorful shells and glass beads. All material mix and produce stringing in a chaotic manner. Most importantly, do not cut the line, and weave the longest chain of beads and beads. And make sure that the chain is not tangled in a knot, otherwise the chain will have to do again.

Step 2: Getting Started "weave." In fact, it is knitting with beads. In the beginning, do not simply aerial loops of beads. In fact, we only crochet chain. Gradually advancing one or two beads, continue to crochet as long as the material is on the line ends. After that, without cutting the thread, knitting postpone.

Step 3. Now it's time for marking strands of our necklaces-vozdushki. To do this, you need to define the inner length of the necklace, as each of its subsequent thread longer than the previous. In this case, the proposed length of 45 cm. At this distance, the first pair prikalyveam vulavok. The following 3 pairs pinned indented vdlinu 0.5-1 cm, as shown in the photo.

Step 4. Take knitted from fishing line and beads chain and start razmatyvt her markings. At first spike of the first pair clings tsoslednyuyu knitting loop. Knitted chain stretches in a straight line and the loop is now clutching for the second pin of the first pair. Thus unwinding the chain through all the needles at a time, stringing loops on the needles. When needles are passed, we proceed to the next step.

Step 5. We get hooked into the fixed hinge on one side and carefully take out the needle. Air is drawn through the loop the loop, collecting them in one bundle. Cropped fishing line, leaving 2-3 cm. Stretched end of the fishing line in the loop and tighten.
Just attach the loop on the other side.

Step. 6. Fix the clasp. Collier-vozdushki ready!

Wonderful openwork and delicate necklace has a massvariations and can be an ornament to any classic outfit. Most importantly, performing braiding with their hands, you can make it short or long, monotonous or colored, variegated or monotonous. Using this knitting technique, you can create other delicate decorations, complementing the air necklace of beads and beads earrings, bracelet or ring in the same style. For the same weave pattern can be done not only jewelry, but also the interior.

Video: Air necklace of beads and crystals

Simple volume wicker necklace

This necklace, thanks to its simple weaving in the form of braids and bulk form, is ideal for the manufacture of their own hands. It looks unpretentious, but this simplicity is the whole point.

This master class is presented step by step instructions to his weaving.

  • beads;
  • thread or monofilament;
  • accessories for fasteners;
  • pliers;
  • scissors;
  • needle.

Getting a master class with the fact that the thread cut into six equal pieces of length 45-50 cm. On each stringing beads, leaving on each side a little thread for attaching fasteners.

Chains of beads connect in pairs and attach to each pair on the padlock. If you weaves a necklace without an insert in the form of a chain, the chain of beads bind only nodes.

Couples chains attached to the adapter ring orto one half of fasteners and perform weaving braid of three parts. Take the trail to the thread lay flat or twist together. The quality of "spit" depends entirely on the appearance of the finished product. After weaving is completed, or attach a fastener adapter ring on the other side.

If you do insert a chain, it is attached to the adapter ring, as shown in the photo. And only to the ends of the chains attached lock.
That's all you can flaunt a new necklace of beads.

Today we are considered the most simple typesweaving. If you want to make the right decoration of high complexity, then check out our website video lessons on beading. In the video you can see in the dynamics of all the stages of a complex operation and assess their capabilities. And it has a pause function, with which you can pause the video preview and review all the details carefully. If the video-lesson did not help understand, raise your skill level, starting with the simplest of workshops. With time comes experience.

Video: Lesson Pletnev necklace of beads in ethnic style