Weaving Christmas tree of rubber bands on photos and video lessons

Weaving Christmas tree of rubber bands on photos and video lessons


Of the rubber bands you can weave almost any figure, including a Christmas tree. It will be a wonderful gift on the eve of the new year.

You need to stock up the machine itself, on which we will perform the weaving. Rubbers of different colors: brown, green. Small ringlets to decorate New Year's beauty.
To weave a herringbone, you can use this instruction, or view the video on the site.

How to weave on a machine a Christmas tree made of rubber bands

The initial stage is preparatory. We place the stakes of the machine in staggered order. Rubbers of green color join in pairs the columns of the middle row. In total it is necessary to use 8 rez.
Next - the turn of brown irises. They will need four. Three of them continue to pair in pairs the central columns of the machine, and the last - the final one - wraps around the last of them four times. At the beginning of the weaving we also wrap the orange column 4 times with the first column.
We use 1 cut, folded in half, to connect the second columns in pairs (the extreme left with the central, the extreme right with the central). The result is shown in the picture in Figure 6.
We begin to weave twigs of a Christmas tree. They will be decorated with rings, for this 2 cuts, folded twice, we put on the penultimate places with the edge. Extreme colored irises will be an ornament of our New Year's beauty. At your discretion, you can use either the same shades, or multi-colored. We in our master class will use gum of different shades.

From under the rubber bands of yellow color we pull out the green and we put on the second column of the middle row. Repeat this step on both sides of the weave.
After that, you can simply remove the yellow rubber. Here the Christmas tree is decorated with its first twigs - the shortest ones. Videos of this process can be viewed on the site.
Begin to weave the rest of the branches of the tree. As you know, they are getting longer. Therefore, on each next row, we will increase the length of the branches, adding an additional rubber band. We connect the third pair of green rubber bands in pairs with the central one. Then on the edges of the third and fourth (the location of the rubber bands can be seen in the picture in step 14).

The second sprigs of Christmas trees will decorate the redRings. To do this, put the rubber band four times and dress for 4 tbsp. This step is repeated for both sides of the machine. Remember that the tree must be symmetrical, so we make the length of branches on each side the same.
From under the red rez. Pull out the green and throw on 3 tbsp. We continue to weave further, at each stage we draw the lower irises and throw them to the previous columns.
Going to the center (when the loop is wearing on the center post), you can remove all the loops. According to this scheme it is necessary to weave the remaining twigs, each time decorating them from the edge with iris of different colors.

The longest branches of the Christmas tree will have to startMake on the fingers, because the length of the machine is not enough. You can use two machines, but if they are not, use the improvised tools. We put on the hook 1 cut. any color. Iris, folded twice, we put on two fingers. We stretch the second through the first, so that the yellow gum is dressed in green, as in figure 24.
This part is attached to the edge of the lowest branches and the weaving continues according to the scheme of the previous row.

Next, the tree needs to be removed. First, we drop everything from the extreme rows. Then the middle from right to left. We start from the trunk and go towards the top. We finish with a knot on the top. To the crown of the head, you can attach a large loop to use the tree as a keychain or a Christmas decoration.

Video: Different variants of weaving Christmas tree