Weave bracelet from beaded flowers by our own hands - a step-by-step guide with photos

Weave bracelet from beaded flowers by our own hands - a step-by-step guide with photos

Today we will teach you how to make flowers frombeads, to further create from them bracelets and other ornaments. Beautiful jewelry, of course, you can do by yourself! This lesson is perfect for beginners - you can safely add this technique to your beading skills set. Necessary materials:

  • Thin line
  • Beads and faceted beads

For one flower:

  • 3-mm beads-crystals (B) - 12 pieces
  • Round beads (S) - 18 pieces
  • The same beads - 10 pieces each. for connecting between colors.

Legend and description:

  • S - means beads
  • B - means bead
  • L - means the left segment
  • R denotes the right segment
  • CROSS - both pieces of thread intersect inside the bead
  • PASS - means to stretch the thread by stripping a bead / beads on it
  • A number with the letter S and B, for example 1S or 1B represents the number of beads and / or beads required for stringing.

Step by step Step 1: Cut one and a half meters of fishing line or nylon thread. If you use a thread, you will need two more thin needles. String on her 5 beads, pulling the last bead in both ends of the line crosswise. Place the beads in the center of the thread. Weave bracelet from beaded flowers by own hands - a step-by-step guide with photos. Photo №1 Step 2: the first petal To the left edge of the line, thread 1B, 1C, 1B, 1C and 1B, then CROSS the right fishing line in B, as shown by the arrow. Pull out the thread. Now PASS R to the nearest S, as indicated by the arrow. Step 3: The second tab Continue with the L line, inserting it into the following: 1S, 1B, 1C and 1B. Now CROSS R is the thread in the last B that you just added (indicated by an arrow). Pull out the thread. You already have 2 petals. Repeat step 3 three times, creating the third, fourth and fifth petals. Step 4: The Sixth Petal After creating the fifth petal, we are approaching this moment of beading. Continue with 1C and 1B on your L thread. PASS R thread in S and B, as shown by bracket and insert into 1C. Now CROSS R thread in B on the L thread and pull the thread. You have completed 1 flower. Tighten the flower, inserting the thread back through the bead, tie a couple of knots and cut off excess threads, if you decided to stop at this. This flower can be used as a key chain, pendant or patch. Here is an explanation of how to use a flower for a bracelet! You can tie the flowers by stringing the beads on the line between the flowers to connect them, then crossing the line in the bead and continuing to make as many flowers as you need for a suitable size bracelet. The bracelet can be secured tightly to dress andshoot through the palm of your hand. But if it's too tight for this, it's best to attach the clasp. They are sold in the same place where the beads are also in stores with goods for needlework.