Weaving the round rug carpet with our own hands

Weaving the round rug carpet with our own hands

Several people asked how to do itthis homemade rope rug? Especially for needlewomen I found a simple master class - weaving a round rug carpet. Just an occupation for the dull rainy days of the coming autumn! weaving a round rug carpet For work you will need:

  • large piece of cardboard
  • ropes of different thicknesses and different colors
  • twine
  • pompoms
  • scissors, pencil

Step-by-step instruction: ⇒ Step 1 1. Cut out a circle of cardboard with a diameter of 50 cm (or any other desired size). 2, 3, 4, 5. Using a pencil and ruler, divide the circle first into 4 equal sectors, then 8, 16 and 32 sectors. It is important that the lines intersect exactly in the middle of the circle. master class weaving a round rug step 1 ⇒ Step 2 1. Cut all the lines 2 cm from the edge. 2. We take the twine, insert it into the incision (a) and pull it along the front side of the circle to the opposite notch, dividing it in half (b). On the reverse side, pull the twine down to the notch on the right (c), stretch the twine on the front side to the notch on the left (d). 3. We continue to stretch the twine in the same way, always dividing the circle in half. 4. Finished front. The twine on the front side must intersect exactly in the center. 5. The finished reverse side. The twine on the reverse side can be arranged randomly. Tie the ends of twine. master-class weaving of a round carpet step 2 ⇒ Step 3 1. Tie the first string to the twine in the center of the circle. 2. By plait the canvas, stretching the rope alternately under and above the twine. Hide the bundle with a weave. 3, 4. We continue the weaving in the same way, alternating the rope above and under the twine. The rope should lie very tightly row to row, leaving no space between the circles. 5. After you weave the first rope about 5 cm from the center, it's time to start the second rope, of a different color or thickness. For this, the second one is simply tied to the first with a knot. 6. We continue to weave the mat. We hid the bundle under the weave and still carefully watch that there is no distance between the rows of rope. To the second rope we tie the third, fourth and so on, creating a variety of concentric patterns. master-class weaving of a round rug step 3 ⇒ Step 4 1. When you completely finish the weaving, tightly tie the end of the last rope to the rope side by side, you can even sew, so that the carpet does not bloom. 2. Turn the cardboard mat down. Cut all the lines of twine at a distance of about 5 cm from the edge of the circle. 3. Remove the twine from the notches and thus remove the carpet from the cardboard. 4. Two adjacent ends of the twine tightly bind together, the bundle is hidden on the back side. Places of nodules can also be zadkorirovat pompechikami. master class weaving the round rug step 4 Carpet weaving is ready!