New Year tree of beads, how to do, ways, schemes / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

New Year tree of beads, how to do, ways, schemes / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Never had a toy looked so natural. These little fluffy Christmas trees with beads with a touch of white snow on the tips of green paws and want to sniff. Alas, they do not smell with needles. Crafts in the form of Christmas trees can be voluminous and flat, decorated with bright toys or simply powdered white snow.

Flat Herringbone

I present to you video 1, where it is shown howmake a Christmas tree of beads with your own hands, which can be hung on a real tree as a decoration or decorated in the form of a keychain. The scheme of weaving is quite simple. Master class for making a Christmas tree from beads is shown in detail and understandable. Flat herringbone on the strength to weave even a beginner master.

Earrings from beads and Czech stone

On video 2 you can see the master classweaving with our own hands earrings from Czech stone and beads in the form of a New Year tree. Earrings look so elegant and original that they simply need to be made to wear on the most important holiday of the year. In the same way, you can create a whole set by adding earrings with a pendant in the form of a Christmas tree. Manipulations with a needle look so natural and uncomplicated that it seems that this work is not difficult at all. It is so indeed.

Herringbone of beads

In order to perform the weaving by yourself New Year's Beauty, you will need:

  • wire diameter of 0.3 mm.
  • white beads - 20 g
  • green beads - 80 g;
  • Master class on the creation of the Christmas tree begins withWeave twigs. We type 2 white beads and 7 green beads. The upper end of the wire is passed through a second white bead and all green. One upper white bead remains locking. So it will be on all branches.

Herringbone of beads

  • We type two more white and 9 green. We pass back through the second white and five green beads. Repeat this operation 6-7 times. We tied the first twig with our own hands. Our Christmas tree of beads will consist of several such branches.

Herringbone of beads-2

  • The first branch, as the diagram shows, will become the top of the tree, and the wire by its trunk, to which other branches will be attached. For stiffness, you can wrap the barrel with electrical tape.

Herringbone of beads-3

  • The master class comes to an end that the herringbone ofBead is installed in a small bucket with cement mortar or other ballast. This Christmas tree favorably differs from this New Year's beauty in that it does not burn and you can lightly light candles near it.

Herringbone of beads-4 Herringbone of beads-5

Lacy Christmas tree of beads

Lacy Christmas tree of beadsThe manufacture of this craft is fundamentally different from the technologies described above. It consists in the fact that we first type long beads, and then we begin to weave patterns and laces from them.

  • Master class weaving the lace fir treeLet's start with a set of a large number of beads on the wire. Find the middle of the impromptu beads and make the first loop by twisting the wire two times.
  • Then back off 4-5 beads on both sides and againmake the same loops by pointing them in opposite directions. Retreat another 4-5 beads and twist the wire, marking the trunk. Continue also. For the upper branches, enough three loops are made. For the lower ones, you will need to make 5-6 identical long branches with 9-11 loops.
  • If the wire ends beads, dial more and continue to work. The scheme of weaving can be any. The only condition is a constant repetition of the same dimensions.
  • Make such twigs of different lengths. Separately, install a stable axis, on which we will fasten our branches with our own hands, from the top, where the shortest ones are fixed, down to the very bottom.
  • Lace Christmas tree of beads-2

    Herringbone spiral

    To make a master class of such a spiral Christmas tree, we need a special rigid spring wire and large beads. The color is selected according to the figure shown: green, red and white. Herringbone spiralThe weaving itself, as seen in the photo, is verysimple. This is not even a weaving, but a simple stringing of beads in any sequence you like on the wire. After fixing the ends, the beads must be shaped like a conical spiral. Than not a fur-tree?