New life for an old chest of drawers (49 photos)

New life for an old chest of drawers (49 photos)


    New life for an old chest of drawers

    Many people can find an old chest of drawerswith chips, scuffs, scratches. Do not rush to send him to a landfill. This piece of furniture can decorate any interior of a modern apartment, if you give it a second life. Using some ideas of repair and renovation, the appearance of the old chest of drawers will change beyond recognition.

    Finishing an old chest of drawers with newspapers

    Even with the most common items you canmake an unusual, creative interior item out of a chest of drawers. In order to change the look of the old chest of drawers, you will need: • Black and white newspaper; • Abrasive sponges; • Flat brushes; • glue; • White spray paint; • A sharp knife; • Acrylic lacquer. First of all, the surface of the old chest of drawers must be cleaned with an abrasive sponge. Then wipe off any dirt and dust with a damp cloth. With flat brushes, a thin layer of glue is applied to the surface of the dresser, on which sheets of black and white newspapers are glued, in any order and direction. Then you need to leave the dresser until the newspapers completely dry. The chest of drawers will last longer and will look better if you fix the result with acrylic varnish. Even more impressive and stylish will look like a chest of drawers if its handles are painted with white paint. Old chest of drawers decorated with newspaperOld chest of drawers decorated with newspaper

    Dresser decoration with textured wallpaper

    You can update your old grandmother’s chest of drawers withtexture wallpaper. As with newspapers, the surface of the chest of drawers should be well cleaned of dirt and old paint with abrasive tools. After processing, the surface of the dresser should be wiped with a damp cloth. If necessary, clean and then fill up large cracks. Wallpaper should be cut into pieces, the sizes of which correspond to the sizes of all sections of the dresser prepared for pasting. Previously, a small layer of glue should be applied to these areas. After pasting, the chest of drawers must be left until the wallpaper completely dries. If there are areas left free from pasting on the dresser, they can be painted over. For these purposes, it is best to use acrylic paints in the form of a spray. In order not to harm health, painting elements of an old chest of drawers is recommended in the fresh air. After the paint has completely dried, the updated chest of drawers will become a real decoration of the interior and will delight both the owners of the house and the guests. Dresser decoration with textured wallpaperDresser decoration with textured wallpaper

    Get rid of excess boxes

    In order to transform the old chest of drawers, you canjust get rid of his old boxes. Over time, during the operation of the chest of drawers, the drawers may become unsightly. In addition, the mechanisms that allow pushing and pulling drawers begin to creak, which few people like. In addition to the aforementioned set of tools, you will also need a piece of fabric, thread, a needle and a sewing machine, a wooden stick or a metal tube to work. The surface of the chest must also be cleaned of various contaminants. After cleaning, the chest of drawers can be spray-painted and all drawers removed. Now on the side walls of the chest of drawers you can fix a small metal pipe or a wooden stick. This is necessary so that a small curtain can easily move along its surface. The curtain must be carefully sewn around the edges, and also make a special loop along its entire length.

    The most popular ways to convert an old chest of drawers

    Today we can highlight some of the most popularways to decorate old chests of drawers: • Painting, or applying various patterns to the body of an old chest of drawers; • The use of linings, pens, studs and other decorative elements; • Pasting an old chest of drawers with cloth or decorating its surface using decoupage technique. To achieve a better result, in the process of decorating an old chest of drawers, you can combine some techniques with each other. For example, if the painted chest of drawers is supplemented with decorative overlays, you get a real work of art that will complement any interior. Old chest of drawers using decoupage techniqueOld chest of drawers using decoupage technique

    Useful tips for remaking an old chest of drawers

    Decoupage technique is gluing.the surface of the dresser with paper drawings and patterns. A similar technique is not suitable for decorating a chest of drawers with a polished or main surface of the case. The result of work should be fixed with several layers of transparent acrylic varnish. The surface of the chest, which does not have a varnish coating, is great for painting. If you need to put a picture on the chest of drawers, you should make a sketch in advance, and only then start working. For work, it is best to use acrylic paints. An important role is played by fittings. On sale you can find a huge variety of various accessories, of any color and size, which will help transform the old grandmother's chest of drawers. Painted old chest of drawersPainted old chest of drawers

    New life of the old chest of drawers photo

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