Not all women can boast of beautiful long hair, but this is not a problem, since the use of overhead strands will help you.

Not all women can boast of beautiful long hair, but this is not a problem, since the use of overhead strands will help you.

The naturalness of artificial hair. The use of false strands at home Many girls, and women at a more respectable age, prefer to wear long hair, because one of their healthy appearance already attracts with their magnetic shine. Nevertheless, not all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can afford long hair. Thin and rare hair will not look very good, for example, on loose hair. In connection with some individual characteristics, many girls cut their hair very shortly, although deep down they dream of appearing, let's say, at the prom ball with luxurious long curls. On the other hand, any girl with a short haircut at some significant moment in her life, perhaps, will want to decorate herself with magnificent hair. And there is, naturally, a way out. These are false strands or curls, which favorably differ from the use of wigs. Hairstyles with false strands. Photo №1 There are situations when a woman with a shortthe haircut suddenly decided to radically change its image, but only for one day. For this experimentation on their hairstyle, modern high-quality overhead curls that are widely used in the creation of fashionable hairstyles by world leading couturiers are perfect. With the help of such accessories today you can use to create completely natural styling for long hair, for strands of medium length and for short haircuts. Also, it's not always necessary to sacrifice your own hair to create an original beautiful image.

A little from the history of using artificial strands

Even in ancient Egypt, the great pharaohs andtheir environment began to use all sorts of wigs and patches. It is known that in ancient Rome and in the glorious times of the Middle Ages wigs were even a kind of indicator of a person's status. Artificial hair, as a rule, was the prerogative of people from high society. Moreover, in those days, naturalness in the hair was not appreciated highly, and even men wore bleached wigs with wavy ringlets. Hairstyles with false strands. Photo # 2 Artificial hair began to go out of fashiononly at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and then they began to be replaced by overhead strands. Most of all, such locks were used in France. They say that in one year they sold more than 100 tons of artificial hair. Hairstyles with false strands. Picture №3 The beginning of the twentieth century was accompanied by the application ofoverhead strands in the style of a la Madame Pompadour. Nevertheless, already in the twenties of the past century, hairstyles began to gradually acquire new characteristics. The fashion included wavy laying, made on their own hair. Gradually, the hair began to open more and more, until the natural beauty of natural strands again became urgent. Today, natural healthy curls are much more fashionable than unnatural wigs. Nevertheless, overhead curls at the present time have become a fashionable hit, because with their help you can create absolutely unmatched beautiful hair.

Ways to make hairstyles for long hair with overhead locks

Overhead strands in the creation of hairstyles canserve as an excellent addition to the chosen image. Moreover, the use of such jewelry allows you to experiment on your appearance absolutely painless and safe. For example, today, for the performance of incredible fashionable styles with false strands, many hairdressing professionals use real hair that looks natural in their hair. And picking up strands also to the type of your hair, distinguishing them from your own will be almost impossible. And the variety of hairstyles that can be created using overhead strands is simply amazing! At home, as an option, you can apply false hair, which are attached to the hair through the hairpin. Such accessories can be attached under their hair or above them in different variations. It's amazing, but thanks to overlaid strands, you can perform incredible holiday hairstyles! Since one of the main purposes of artificially created curls is the addition of volume or length, it is more appropriate to use such strands where it is supposed to create splendor and, possibly, to add length. Next, we want to offer you several options for creating evening hairstyles using overhead strands. Cute chignon Take the overhead strands that are most suited to your own hair or those that you just like. Scrub the strands of false hair with an ordinary comb and form a hairpiece from them. Hide it under the strands of your hair, putting them in the right way. Your hair can be beautifully twisted with a curling iron or other appliances. To attach a hairpiece to your hair, it's best to use invisible ones. Actually, in such a simple and quick way you can make a beautiful fluffy hairdo. Hairstyles with false strands. Photo №4 Pigtails from false strands If you adorea variety of weaving, false strands can be an excellent option for creating a beautiful hairstyle. Artificial strands can be selected in the color of their own hair, or you can, on the contrary, choose a completely different shade. It depends on what kind of hair you prefer to make, in what style and for what purpose. Pigtails can be immediately braided on the overhead strands, and then fasten them to your hair, as you please. For example, you can lay out an oblique pigtail in the form of a kind of rim. Twist the braid tight enough that the bezel does not disintegrate. Hairstyles with false strands. Photo №5 Quick locks of false strands If you do not havea lot of time to create any complex hairstyle, but you want to look very attractive, then you can take the overhead strands and fasten them near the base of the forehead, as well as near the temples. Strands curl with ironing with light waves. Thus, you will get beautiful curls without even damaging your hair. Alternatively, one of the ringlets can intercept all the rest (along with their own strands) and tie the ponytail. Actually, there can be many variations of performance. Hairstyles with false strands. Photo №6

Features of the laying of synthetic and natural overhead strands

Anyone who wants to try usingfalse strands, you should know that they are both synthetic and natural. In this case, the laying of one and the other has its own nuances. Although artificial locks do not look quite natural, they have one significant advantage - it's extremely easy to style such hair, because special materials are used to make them, so as not to bother hairdressers or ordinary consumers. If you are going to use any hair products, for example, foam or varnish, then they should be used in a moderate amount, because they are pretty poorly washed off such strands. The disadvantages of using synthetic synthetic overhead strands include the fact that they need to be washed for reuse using special solutions. For example, you can wash these "hair" dishwashing detergent. In this case, after using the detergent on the strands, a special conditioner must be applied, which will help restore their softness. As for natural overhead strands, then, of course, they look more natural, and choosing correctly to the color of their own hair, such strands will not be noticeable in your hair. There is, however, the probability that such locks can fit much harder for their own hair. But this will require you only a habit. After a little training, you can quickly and easily cope with artificial natural overhead strands. The advantage of using natural strands can be attributed to the fact that when laying them, you can use any tools that are intended for hot types of styling your own hair, that is, ironing, curling iron, hair dryer and even thermal hair will not damage such strands. Thus such strands can be washed together with own hair an ordinary shampoo, after using conditioners, masks or balms for hair. Hairstyles with false strands. Photo №7

The basic rules of care for false hair

It is clear that overhead strands can not becometheir own, so they require special care. So, pay special attention to the following points of the rules relating to the care of patch strands:

  • Always be careful and careful when combing overhead strands and artificial hair, use the softest scallops.
  • Before washing the curls, they must be combed with a soft brush.
  • If you wear overhead strands daily, do not wash it often. One or two times a month will be enough.
  • To artificial braids less confused,when washing, shampoo should be spread over the entire length of the strands, just soaking the hairs. Your movements should go from the beginning of the strands to their tips. Do not twist the strands in any way and do not rub against each other.
  • Competently select any cosmetic means for the care of false hair, so that they retain as much as possible their qualities, namely, their softness and silky.
  • If you apply funds for laying artificial strands, leave them on the curls for at least fifteen minutes.
  • If you use a mask, strands are necessaryalways comb and dry. Use brushes with sparse teeth to do this. And the direction of your movements should start from the bottom to the top.
  • It is recommended to apply moisturizing serums or sprays to the tips of the overhead strands.
  • When using the air conditioner, make sure that it is intended for dry hair.
  • In the event that the street is raining and there is generally a high humidity, you should fix your hair with a varnish.
  • Always nurture false hair, using useful tools for artificial strands.
  • When curling curls, the temperature of the frying pan or ironing should not be more than 150 degrees.
  • Overhead strands have the ability to paint, but the paint should not be kept for too long. The maximum time is 15 minutes.
  • With overhead strands in the hair, you can swim or, for example, visit the sauna. However, it is recommended at the same time to collect hair in a ponytail, and it is better to use a special bathing cap.

Quality and cost of overhead strands

Overhead hair, made of syntheticmaterials, as a rule, have excellent qualitative characteristics. However, care should be taken to ensure that the product has a corresponding quality certificate. Buying artificial strands, you need to know that they can differ dramatically from your natural hair. Also, when buying, always check this product by touch. Overlays of natural hair, of course, look more natural than curls made of synthetic materials. Nevertheless, many girls are confused by the understanding that they will wear someone else's hair. Here, the choice is yours. Concerning the cost of products in the form of overhead strands, you can accurately say that products made of natural material are much more expensive than synthetic analogues. In this case, even artificial overhead strands are quite expensive. So if you see a cheap price - buy the product is not worth it. Most likely, this is a low-grade fake. Summarizing the results of this publication, it is absolutely possible to state that the overhead strands as an original decoration or a complement to your hair will look great if you use them correctly. Make yourself beautiful and be happy, dear women! Hairstyles with false strands. Photo №8