Oak bead weaving technique hinge (photo)

Oak bead weaving technique hinge (photo)


It is woven around the same pattern. Oak Bead - a classic performance of such products. Such beading is fairly simple, and the entire article will not take long. The main thing - is to show the share of fantasy, and for creative people - it's not a problem.
Unlike other trees from beads, it is inoak major part - is the barrel. Crohn's can be made of a small number of beads, and its weaving did not take long. Master Class shows that the scheme is quite simple, and it is performed in the buttonhole technique. Next - a detailed description of all the stages of the oak of beads.

Master class creation oak Bead

The materials that will be needed:

  • Beads green four shades - 200 g;
  • thin wire;
  • thin wire;
  • the average wire thickness;
  • thick wire for the manufacture of the barrel;
  • thread, better - nylon;
  • PVA glue;
  • ling for the sculptures;
  • gypsum;
  • acrylic brown. It is possible - several shades;
  • pallet or flat vase for flowers. Better - ceramic.

For greater clarity, you can view the videowith inspiring ideas for weaving oak bead. However, a detailed description is also quite enough for even beginners to perform the author's work sufficiently high level of skill.
Getting a master class. First of thick wire cage do trunk. It must be quite massive. The individual wire must thus in its top separated from the free base. They will attach and tree branches. The rest - it all depends on the imagination of the author. Before starting work, it is best to see as much as possible photos with images of these oaks and products from beads.
Next - start beading. Take the thin wire and unwound about 25 cm. Do not cutting it, we collect 77 beads of different colors and make 11 loops with the same number of beads. Weaving - looped. Thereafter, the wire can be cut. This is - one little branch. Then - we make another the same, and twisting them together. This is paired branch. Its base fasten with the help of thread and glue to the wire segments of medium thickness, which must have a length of approximately 7-10 cm.

Then you need to make a larger branch. They will consist of three guys who just twist the thread and reinforce with glue. Immediately straighten the leaves, so that Kroon in the end we got a more lush as possible.

Part of the branches should be left in this form, and frompart of the larger branches do, in this case - we connect the same way at 2-3 finished product. Once you have a complete set, it can be any combination. The tree can be at the top of several large components, which will be the crown. Maybe the entire length of the barrel divided into large branching.

To fasten the frame with the help of large branchesthe same thread and glue. At this stage, and forming the crown so that it was not necessary in the future to somehow adjust. You can make a tree with a hollow or different growths. Oak bead can have virtually any shape. The main thing - that it most resembled the original.

After that - prepare a mixture of clay. It should not be too thin. The consistency should resemble elastic dough. Gently coated with this composition the entire framework, including - and twigs at the base. While the clay cools and is about a tree need to completely forget. In this scheme may be considered as completed and will continue only cosmetic finishing work.
After drying the clay you should use gypsum crust attach the most natural look. When the plaster is dry - gently, fine brush paint over the entire chip trunk.
At the bottom of the pan spread a piece of clay and attached to it a tree. While they will still wet, can be issued work or natural moss green velvet.

Video: Options weaving oak wood bead