Ogalala from beads scheme of weaving ornaments (photo)

Ogalala from beads scheme of weaving ornaments (photo)


Ogalala is a mesh thatDue to the increase in the number of beads in each strip, gradually acquires a lot of ruches, and then wrapped in beautiful wavy interlacing. If you defeat color and material, you can get an incredible number of different ways to create jewelry.
The name "ogalala" means the largestThe community of the American tribe of the Teton Indians. They still live in the reservation of the state of Dakota, engaged in weaving from beads. This lesson will be devoted to weaving in ogalala technique.

Bracelet in technique ogalala

To weave a beautiful fishnet bracelet, you will need the following list of materials and tools:

  • Line or monofilament;
  • Czech beads under number 11 of different colors.

In braiding such a bracelet, you canUse a different combination in the color scheme, selecting suitable beads according to the shade. Contrast colors will allow you to create an original and unique product. This decoration consists of turquoise and beige beads.
The master class begins with stringing on the lineLight beads. To create this craft, dial about 20 cm of beads. It may be that you have to add about ten centimeters. It depends on how tight the bend of the bracelet is.

Collect beige material, and then go toTurquoise color beads. You need to string 5 pieces per needle and pass it along with the beads to the most central of those that are in the second strip. Do these manipulations along the entire length of the craft.
The next step is to withdrawA needle from the third bead, which is located in the center in the third strip. Type seven beads on the needle and stretch it into the one that is in the center of the previous beads in the 3 rd. Repeat these actions along the entire length of the decoration. According to the technique ogalala, seven beads complete the line. In this lesson, the last bar is made up of nine pieces. You need to take the needle and stretch it into the glass, which is in the previous row. Then dial 9 light glass and stretch the instrument into the center, located among the seven strung in the fourth line. Then again string light. With this, you create a weave strip.

The next stage of the master class involvesWeaving fringe ogalala. Stretch the needle into the beads at the end of the fifth row. Take another 3 pieces and put the needle right there in the main material. Repeat this procedure one more time. Collect 3 pcs and pull the needle after one. In the place where the crossing of the upper row and the penultimate occurs, it is necessary to stretch the needle through three beads. Fringe fringe is performed over the entire surface of the bracelet.

The master class is not yet complete. It remains to make the correct stitching of the product. Take the needle and stretch it into the bead, which is located at the edge in the first line. Draw on it five elements and drag through the sixteenth glass in the front page. As a result, you will get a constriction. You can create this constriction from a different number of beads. It all depends on what will be the density of corrugated parts. To make a wave of a more dense structure, it is necessary to use a smaller number of beads during stitching.

Further stretch the thread in the same bead, only inReverse direction through the neck. Then draw the thread into the thirteenth bead and in the course of the action string another 5 pieces. Count 16 in the account and thread a needle there. Then again, return it to the other side. A few more times, repeat the above steps to complete the work on the bracelet in the technique ogalala.

One of the most important conditions is the moment,That the product should be spread out on the reverse side, and the fringe will be on the front side. As a result, you will get an element of a wave that resembles a sinusoid. At the very end, you will only have to attach a special metal buckle.

Charming Necklace

If you could weave the bracelet from the previous oneMaster class, then the next product you will do much easier. To work, you need 50 grams of beads of any color, beads about fifty pieces.
Fix one element, and then type the beadsOn a thread 60 cm long. If you take a cut of this length, then the necklace will be about forty-five centimeters. Want even longer, then add the glass. The article will present a scheme on the basis of which you will do all the steps. After the first row, pull the next.
As you managed to notice for every two elements in theThe first page, will be added to 2 in the next. In the fifth river. You need to create a fringe. To fix the result obtained, it is necessary to proceed to stitching. Stitch only in the first p. Exit one item and type in a few additional items. Then enter the thread in the sixteenth under the account, exit it and return again to the first. Through the entire first row, walk with a needle and make a screed. Next, go back to the original place and perform these manipulations a few additional times, until you do not sew all the necklace.

To prevent the product from curling into a spring,Straighten and twist it. Wavy elements with fringe should be located all the time on one side, preferably with a facial. Now the necklace in technology was completely fenced off. Presented ogalala of beads, the scheme will be understandable even for beginners.


Video: Weaving ogalala