Old rake in the interior of the house and giving

Old rake in the interior of the house and giving

It would seem that rusty old rakes await onlyone is the point of collection of scrap metal. But in fact, the functionality of the grab is extensive, which means that it can be used in the interior even after the main service life. We offer interesting and very useful ideas how to use the old rake in the interior of the kitchen, hallway, bedroom or living room, both in the country and in the city apartment. Before you do something from the rakes, they should be well cleaned of dirt and dust. Rust and other traces of time can be left - this will give the new interior the vintage mood and the old style. If desired, the metal (or wooden) surface can be painted, painted with acrylic paints or varnished. It is important to remember that if there are children in the house, it is not necessary to hang the rake in the zone of their reach. Yes, and adults should think about the location of the rake to reduce the risk of injury to a minimum.

Old rake in the interior of the kitchen

Where, where, and in the kitchen to the old garden inventorythere is always a functional application. Old rakes are ideally suited for the role of a holder for glasses, replacing expensive rails and hanging systems. Many glasses can not fit, a maximum of 4-5, but for regular use more and not necessary. old rake as a holder for glassesgarden rake as a holder for wine glasses.xnbakThe construction of the rake allows them to turn into hooks for different kitchen tools, again, giving the opportunity not to buy the rails and not to punch in the wall extra holes. old rake in the role of railing for kitchen utensils Do not forget about the decorative design, you can decorate the stalk with a natural rope, tie a bow from a mat or flax. cup rafter old rake hanger for kitchen utensils 2 Double old rakes will be useful in the kitchen inas a dish dryer. It should be noted that if such rakes are made of wood, they should be covered with a water-repellent emulsion, so that the tree from permanent exposure to moisture on the soak. dish washer from old rake old rake in the interior of the kitchen

Old rake in the interior of the hallway

The rake is convenient to use as a hanger forouterwear, bags, umbrellas and other accessories in the hallway of the house or at the cottage. And the higher and wider the rake - the better. Simply flip the gardening tools with your teeth upwards, lean against the wall and attach in one or two places so that the rake does not fall. hanger in the hallway from the rake old rake - hanger A small rake for a long time will serve you as a housekeeper. The main thing is to develop the habit of hanging keys in one place! old rake - housekeeper in the hallway housekeeper of old rake

Old rake as a hanger for jewelry and accessories

All women are familiar with the story, when the beads andThe chains that lie in the box are entangled, and the earrings lose their pair. The old rake will help to solve this problem. Hang them on the wall in the bedroom or on the back of the cabinet door, and hang on the dentures. rake in the interior of the bedroom old rake as a hanger for jewelry Rack jewelery stand Similarly, you can organize the orderly storage of belts, ties and scarves. old rake in the interior of the bedroom Old rake as a hanger for accessories Old rake as a hanger for ties and belts

Garden rake in the interior of the living room

From the rake you can make original shelves for books, house plants and photographs. Fan rakes will be an interesting frame for photos, postcards and pictures. old rake in the interior Old rake as a shelf in the living room

Old rakes in the garden and at the cottage

Since the rake used to work in the garden, they can also give a second life in the open air. Turn the old rake into a hanger for a variety of garden tools and equipment. old rake - hanger for garden tools rake for garden tools Stick the rake in the ground - so you will get a support for hanging baskets with plants and a street lamp. old rake in the garden And on the verandah or in the arbor on the rake handle hang a light curtain. cornice for curtains of old rake In the garage or in the barn, the rake will become helpers in the storage of tools. rake - hanger for spannersCorrect installation of air conditioning by a room of specialists http://www.clima-vent.com - a pledge of long and trouble-free operation of climatic equipment.