As with polymer clay it is very easy to create an unusual bright set of beads and earrings

As with polymer clay it is very easy to create an unusual bright set of beads and earrings

Polymer clay is a modern material forcreativity, from which you can create incredibly beautiful decorations, flowers, decorations and much more. Polymer clay in its texture resembles conventional clay, but thanks to a unique composition, after heat treatment it becomes very hard and durable. Today, there are a huge number of types of polymer clay in a variety of colors and shades, as well as with various effects (sparkles, mother-of-pearl, metalics, etc.). For those who are not familiar with this interesting material, I propose a small master class on the creation of beads and earrings from polymer clay. In order to make beads and earrings we will need:

  • polymer clay
  • latex gloves
  • accessories for jewelry
  • lace
  • round pliers
  • oven
  • glue gun.

As with polymer clay it is very easy to create an unusual bright set of beads and earrings. Photo №1 Creating any product from polymer claybegins with the fact that the material needs to be kneaded well, especially if this clay is of a more solid grade. After the clay is mashed, we begin to make beads. To ensure that the finished products do not remain fingerprints, it is better to use rubber gloves. Now take the necessary piece of mashed clay and start rolling between the palms to get the ball. To make a finished bead turned round, you need to try to distribute the pressure of the hands more evenly. According to our idea, the beads will have to consist ofbeads of different sizes, so we roll first one big bead, and then two beads of smaller size. To see what approximate size will be the finished product, the workpieces of beads can be folded on a smooth surface, as they will look like a result. After all the beads are ready we cut two identical pieces of clay and roll them half-beads from which the earrings-carnations will be made. Now you can start baking our beads. To ensure that in the process of baking beads do not deformed them better to string on knitting needles or toothpicks. It is worth noting that the time of its heat treatment depends on the size of the product. Therefore, we bake smaller beads about 15 minutes, and larger ones - about 20-25 minutes, at a temperature of 110 degrees. After the beads are baked and cool well,proceed to assemble the beads. To do this, we take the beads and thread them on the cord. The color of the cord does not matter, since it will not be visible under the beads. After this we proceed to the manufacture of fasteners. To do this, we take the edge of the cord, we tie a knot on it and place it in a special clamp, which is well clamped with round pliers. Also do and on the other side of the cord. Then fasten the fastener to one side of the beads, and the other ring to the other. To increase the size of the beads, you can attach a small chain to the ringlet. To make earrings we just take the blanks forEarrings-studs with a flat round base and glue ready half-beads to them. You can glue both with the help of an adhesive gun, and using other types of glue. Our bright and unusual set is ready. In order for the clay to be more shiny, the finished decoration can be covered with a special glossy varnish for polymer clay.