How to sew a beautiful skirt with your own hands

How to sew a beautiful skirt with your own hands

Soon the summer, and now the trend is gradually enteringskirts. So the skirt-sun has recently entered the trend, now it is fashionable. Today you will learn not only what you can wear this skirt, but we will also gradually consider how to make such a skirt with your own hands without anyone's help. How to make a fashionable skirt with your own hands. Photo №1 With what to wear a round skirt (skirt-sun):

  • This skirt will look great with not verylong top-bustier. Include the fact that this topic selects any color and any model. To the same type of skirt, choose a color top, and accordingly to a colorful skirt wear a solid top.
  • Denim round skirt is very beautiful will beto look with all kinds of shirts. You can tuck a shirt or simply tie it at the waist. Both of these combinations look great and stylish in any shape.
  • Sweaters, tops and even T-shirts, tucked inthis skirt-sun is also in fashion now. They can be both tight-fitting, and wide and even lightweight. In this situation, one of the most important things is accessories, which you simply have to choose for this style. If you choose the right accessories, your hatch will look beautiful and unusual.
  • In no event should one forget about freesweaters. We dress them, not dressing in a skirt, so that only the end of the skirt could be seen. With this image, a beautiful pendant on a long chain will perfectly match.

In order to make such a skirt with your own hands it is necessary: ​​1. About 2.5 meters of fabric. 2. Scissors. 3. The sewing machine. 4. Malnia. 5.Buvelki, which can be fixed. Sequence: It is necessary to fold 2.5 meters of fabric in half, then repeat it again. In other words, you should get 4 absolutely identical parts of the fabric. Now you need to answer the chalk everything as in the picture. Now we need to know the radius of the waist, thisit is easiest to do mathematically. It is necessary to divide the total waist by 4 (example: 73/4 = 18.25). Now the length of the skirt, this you choose yourself, one that suits you more or just the one you want. You did absolutely everything right, and you leftA large circle, inside of which there is a small one, which should ideally match with the measurements of your waist. If suddenly you still made a mistake in the calculations, and the hole turned out a little more positive, then you should make wrinkles on the back. Thanks to this skirt will appear more spacious. Now we need to make a cut for the lightning. Then sew the zipper into the skirt. You can do this by looking at the picture below. But now you need to process the edges of the fabric, namely: the belt and the hem. Well, that's all, round skirt-the sun is ready!